Searching for Perfect Tunes

I didn’t bring my MP3 drive to Iraq so I quickly got bored with the music on my MP3 player (which I didn’t fill with my favorite stuff because my old laptop is still USB 1.1) and on my laptop. So I started using iTunes again to find something new to listen to. I’d only bought The Pixies’ best hits compilation previously, which I loved. Now I wanted some new music, funky and fun and energetic. Luckily, I found some awesome stuff! Like Jamiroquai’s “Dynamite”, The Rolling Stones’ “A Bigger Bang”, Brazilian Girls, LCD Soundsystem, and General Elektriks’ “Cliquety Kliqk”. And off my lovely girlfriend’s deployment music mix, various Rasputina tracks including the “Frustration Plantation” album. What tracks I’m listening to off those albums:



Jamiroquai live in concert.

Previously mentioned, it starts with synth keyboard before bursting into riffs and a winding vocal chorus. It slows down into a love song and then morphs into an excited exclamation of love full of bass and uptempo. “Yeah, you’re gonna rock the floor tonight!”

Also listen to:
“Feels Just Like It Should”
“Electric Mistress”

General Elektriks & Lateef the Truth Teller

“Take You Out Tonight”

The mind behind General Elektriks.

A laid-back beat, whimsy vocals, and then Lateef with electronic blips and twicks: “I don’t just want your math. I want your algebra, trig and geometry, calculus and honesty. I want you to be mine but not in the sense of property, no. More in the sense of like the sharing of a commodity, so. Let me touch your mind and watch as our philosophies grow. Massage your spirit, caress your soul, let’s go.” And then the chorus, “Walk a miiile to see youuuuu, doo doo, doodoo dooooo. Cross the city with a smiiiile, doo doo, doodoo dooooo. To be with youuuu.”

Also listen to:
“Facing That Void”

An old Rolling Stones song book.

The Rolling Stones

“She Saw Me Coming”

Mick Jagger wails about seeing a woman in the bar and being held under her influence, while the guitar jams loudly to an easy beat. The Rolling Stones have still got that voice, that swagger, that rock and roll sound that makes you feel like you’re on the prowl.

Also listen to:
“Oh No, Not You Again”
“Laugh, I Nearly Died”
“This Place is Empty”

Slow Train Soul

“Slow Train”

Slow Train Soul's sexy album cover.

Lazy beat with electronic DnB bass flare hook. Smooth, seductive vocals work their way gently into a descending piano key cascade. “I want to ride your soul-oul train.” Industrial echoing Future Sound of London horns. Whispering. Sex music.

Brazilian Girls

“Sirenes de la Fete”

Brazilian Girls' mugshots.

A dance beat with French spoken word. But then it switches into loungey piano and strings. Then she softly sings, “Je veux me reveiller avec moi,” repeatedly and seductively. And then it turns into a brief, ranting, energetic jump-up-and-down bout of dancing and revelry during the
festival. Then it slows back down again and repeats.

Also listen to:
“Don’t Stop”
“Lazy Lover”


“High on Life”

Rasputina together on the couch.

Julie turned me on to Rasputina. An authentic, unique sound. This song starts off with a naughty little crush and then builds up with the trademark Rasputina cello to a rock and roll punkish chorus, “He was it, he was really hot shit. He was tripping, he was lifting, he was high on liyeeeefe.”

Also listen to:
“Hunter’s Kiss”
“Girls’ School”

LCD Soundsystem


The men behind LCD Soundsystem.

The LCD Soundsystem style vocals on fast-tempo electronics. “Everybody makes mistaaakes, but I feel alright when I come undone. You are not making me wait, but it seems alright as long as something’s happening.” Off-key synth key holds and plaintive vocals for the chorus.

Also listen to:
“Losing My Edge”
“Beat Connection”

I completely ignore music reviews so I don’t expect you to listen to mine. I hate music reviewers because they have nothing better to do except listen to music. They like music because it stops them from listening to the voice of thought in their own heads. They like pretty much anything that comes out. There is no discerning, differentiating perspective to music reviewers. They love knowing trivia about bands that don’t have any trivia. There’s so much generic music out there passing as great in the eyes of reviewers. I pretty much zone out when people mention Franz Ferdinand, Arcade Fire, M.I.A., Death Cab for Cutie, and all those other non-descript bands with non-descript music. Where are the music reviewers who swear by Lovage, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Ninjatune, or The Darkness, and then aren’t afraid to “sell out” to “Toxic” or “My Humps”, or puss down and listen to girl music like Julie Delpy’s “A Waltz for a Night” or Colin Hay’s “I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You”?

I guess I just love funky sounds. I also like songs that change tempo several times. Crescendos, orgasms, you know. I would like more electronica if it had more edge and if it had edgier vocals. I would like more heavy metal if it wasn’t so blatantly heavy metal. I would like rap if it included some singing choruses. I’ve been going back more to classics that I didn’t grow up with, classics like the Stones and the Beatles and Led Zeppelin and Hendrix. I don’t want my music to be understated, moody, restrained. I want it loud, energetic, loud percussion. I want great vocals — every song should have them, even if it’s just sampling. I want my blood to flow and my heart to sing. Otherwise, what’s the fucking point?


  1. You sang “My Humps” to me. Hell, you even introduced it to me! I DO like Rasputina though, and I think we’re good as gold together no matter what we listen to. =P

  2. How excited was I to find other people who know about Rasputina! You really need to check out their earlier albums as well- each album is a bit different from the others, but all are fantastic. Particular favorite songs of mine are Herb Girls of Birkenau, Sign of the Zodiac, Rats, DwarfStar, AntiqueHighHeelRedDollShoes and their cover of Wish You Were Here.

    If you are looking for good get up and flail/dance like crazy music, check out Gogol Bordello. Hooray for gypsy punk!

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