Weekend Plans

Well, we got a new command sergeant major of our unit today. The old one was the one who scolded me in his office when I got into OPSEC trouble. He seemed fair at the time. He gave a speech to the entire enlisted unit which was pretty boring and uninspired. As if in an entire career, all he apparently learned was that you will remember the men to the right and left of you. (a lesson I guess you could’ve learned by watching Black Hawk Down or Band of Brothers)

The speech he gave today at the ceremony was a little better — he gave tribute to our fallen. And he wasn’t so cliche.

The commander (who hates me I guess) made a pretty good speech. He’s definitely a political man. He brought up the story of how the old CSM was invited to help the 101st in training, as OPFOR (opposing forces). Well, he was an engineer so he rigged up a suitcase bomb and had his daughter go up to the gate at the 101st headquarters (in the simulation) and say, “My daddy forgot his suitcase, may I go take it to him?” The guard said no but then said he’d take it there himself. It exploded, taking down the 101st’s highest operations for 72 hours. Our unit was no longer invited to play anymore.

It rained a little on us as we stood at attention and parade rest on the field. But after the ceremony, we were all dismissed for a long four-day weekend. Which brings me to my next news…

I’m going to Montreal to visit my Julie. It’ll be tremendously exciting! I’ll get to see her, smell her, touch her, taste her. I’ll get to kiss her beautiful face and talk to her with no barriers. I’ll get to feel her warmth and see the world that she’s grown up in and lives in now. I’ll get to see Montreal and eat some great food. I’ll get to see Julie’s intriguing apartment. I’ve waited a whole deployment in Iraq to get to see Julie and now that time has finally come. It hasn’t yet sunk in, I think. I told Julie that I’m so used to coming up with long-term plans that when they finally come, I can hardly believe that it’s happening! So I will take many photos and have many new experiences and will come back refreshed and happy and will look forward to the next time we’ll get to meet up, for a much longer amount of time.

Time to reap the rewards of a long leave of absence from my love, my soulmate, my friend.

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  1. Best weekend plans & weekend I could have asked for. If ya had accepted my kidnapping offer, you’d have made it a smaller scale version of utopia.

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