Web Notes

Has this been done yet? How come we can’t make the web more interactive? Right now it’s still relatively static. Each web site is its own little entity. Sites do not integrate together easily. Each site is an island.

If you want to comment on a site with your friends or peers, then those comments must be contained on a site unrelated to the site in question. Like on digg.com, people vote on articles to make them popular, and then can add comments on the site, but those comments only exist on digg.com. If another site like slashdot does the same thing, its comments are not shared with digg.com’s comments. So what’s the point? You have to go to multiple places to get comments on the same subject.

What if there were a service (or even a wider-sweeping protocol) that let you add your friends to it, so that when you go to various web sites, you can leave notes on things you find interesting? So your friends can check out what notes you’ve added to various sites, which look like post-its left on top of the subject area. Or you could leave public notes, so that anyone using the service would see the notes you left. The notes could be anything. Wikipedia could have automated updates to out-of-date information. The notes could be critiques or addendums to paragraphs.

An example of a note.

See, what I love about wikipedia is the potential for it to show multiple viewpoints on one issue, instead of a definitive stance that may not be inclusive of everything that issue has come to mean to society. I don’t think they’ve exploited that potential fully but oh well.

This service could turn web sites into breathing, living entities. It would make sites more interactive and more fluid, ever-changing. It’d get rid of the web archipelago that exists right now.