Quote of the Day: Mar. 13, 2006

From Lance Armstrong’s It’s Not About the Bike:

“I didn’t love the bike before I got sick. It was simple for me: it was my job and I was successful at it. It was a means to an end, a way to get out of Plano, a potential source of wealth and recognition. But it was not something I did for pleasure, or poetry; it was my profession and my livelihood, and my reason for being, but I would not have said that I loved it.

I’d never ridden just to ride in the past — there had to be a purpose behind it, a race or a training regimen. Before, I wouldn’t even consider riding for just thirty minutes or an hour. Real cyclists don’t even take the bike out of the garage if it’s only going to be an hour-long ride.

Bart would call up and say, “Let’s go hang out and ride bikes.”

“What for?” I’d say.

But now I not only loved the bike, I needed it. I needed to get away from my problems for a little while, and to make a point to myself and to my friends. I had a reason for those rides: I wanted everyone to see that I was okay, and still able to ride — and maybe I was trying to prove it to myself, too.”