Quote of the Day: Apr. 12, 2006

From Adbusters magazine:

“While giant corporations run roughshod over our lives, we whine and complain, protest and boycott. For too long we’ve ignored the market, written it off as enemy territory. Yet, what do mega-corps like Walmart and Coke fear most? Competition.

“We’re talking about a new breed of bottom-up enterprise that runs differently: promoting ethics over profit, values over image, idealism over hype. A brand of grassroots capitalism that deals in products we actually need — and believe in. No sweatshops. No mindfucking ads. Just fair trade from sustainable, accountable companies. Run by us, the antipreneurs.”


  1. The frustrating thing about this thought is that it is terribly impractical in the world we live in right now. The people who would most benefit from this scenario are the very people who are too busy living paycheck to paycheck to be able to get their heads above water long enough to do much more about their situation than to find the cheapest way to feed and clothe their family. I know that my own personal boycott of Walmart might not be much more than a drop in the vast big box bucket, but it’s akin to voting. I am making a decision about how my life should be run. I am making choices and am able to act on those choices, regardless of the outcome.

    For the most part, it seems that even “grassroots” movements need bursting flowers of fundage. Working for a corporation that pays lip service to being client oriented and being the best in the industry while making it difficult for employees to do their job and for managers to sign contracts so their teams can do meaningful work has kind of opened my eyes a bit more to the ways that money talks in the “real world”. But I still love my job and am proud of the work that I do. All there really is to do is make sure to stand up for things like honesty in the way that business relationships are conducted.

    But it is a beautiful thing to hope for. Did the article go on to give any practical “every drop in the bucket counts” steps we working stiffs could make?

  2. Unfortunately I do not think that changes can be made within the system, and I think that’s what the antipreneur idea advocates.

    There would need to be considerable momentum in grassroots movements like you said, so that ideas are popularized. In this case, weaning ourselves off consumerism at the expense of living happy lives. At the same time, there needs to be competition in the form of companies that are managed right from inception, from the ground up.

    When these alternatives show results, people will listen. And the big companies will step into line because they will always follow the money and nothing else.

    The quote was just that, but if you go to the adbusters site, they have a section dedicated to antipreneurship and how to pursue it.

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