Foggy Saturday Morning

For some reason, it’s foggy outside. I guess it’s been humid all week and poured down all day yesterday. The air conditioning is still not turned on in the barracks.

I finally figured out how to get both cores on my CPU to work. I had to use a later version of a Windows install! In fact it was a pretty cool moment when I found out it was working. I saw both cores on one monitor, and the super hot Julie showing me her new tattoos (which requires toplessness!) on the other! It was like being in fucking geek heaven!

So I got everything installed pretty quickly after that since the system barely hesitates ever. And my benchmarks are where they should be. I compared mine vs. the best AMD and Intel benches, where my CPU should be (at a lower clockspeed), and vs. my old computer’s specs. As you can see, it was quite an upgrade!

Sandra - CPU Arithmetic Sandra - CPU Multimedia Sandra - Memory Bandwidth

I’m very happy now. Battlefield 2 runs great at 1280×1024 on high settings. I wonder how it’ll run with full anti-aliasing on! Also, the LCD CPU/RAM meters on my keyboard show both cores’ usages.

I relaxed last night with some Sonic. I was pretty tired after a week of firing a couple thousand rounds, storming through a mock-up house and clearing rooms. I crashed pretty early later. I just had to get some tater tots and a banana split though. You know what bothers me every time I go to Sonic though? That mysterious red button. You press it so that the person comes on and takes your order. But how do you know they’ve turned off their receiver once you’re done? What if they’re listening?

There’s got to be some black market for conversations overheard by Sonic employees of people in their cars, chatting away freely. I wonder if Sonic just tapes it all and develops some end of the year comedy mix tape for its executives. I can just see a big conference table seated by a lot of balding types wearing suspenders laughing hysterically at unsuspecting customers’ random conversations.

The NBA playoffs begin this weekend. I’m stoked. It’s literally my favorite time of the year, every year. Especially in the early rounds when there’s like two or three games on EVERY DAY.

I haven’t been following basketball that closely this season so I’m taking the top seeds all the way. The only upset I’m taking is Dallas to go all the way to the finals. Partly favoritism, partly a sense that they believe they can actually beat San Antonio now. Duncan is a little hurt. Don Nelson and Michael Finley, the kings of choke, are gone.

I’m taking the Pistons to go all the way again. I know, not exactly rocking the boat. But they’re pretty damn good. And better on offense this season.

I just wish those fuckers at ESPN would stop gaming the playoffs so much that they actually believe the Kings can beat the Spurs in the first round. Tom Tolbert predicted that the Kings could beat the Spurs. Steven A. Smith is his usual loudmouth, idiotic self. Bill Walton will bring much misery with his inane, Will Ferrell-doing-his-Harry-Caray-impression ramblings. Sigh. =(


  1. Lebron’ first career playof game triple double. Triple double, boo! Triple double! I had to hunt for a tv with afn to catch it, but damn, that boy can ball. DAMN. TRIPLE DOUBLE, BOO!!

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