Moussauiouiiuai, and Following the Defense Money

9/11 Trial

The Musawi (Moussaoui or however the fuck the news is spelling it is way too goddamn difficult for a transliteration) trial is just another reminder of how eerily ignorant people are right now.

The guy’s probably going to be sentenced to death. I’d say most Americans want him dead. The things he’s saying in court are not really helping his case.

Of course, that’s mainly because there’s a huge gap in understanding between Americans and the extremists.

I am not quite sure why people haven’t wondered why Musawi wants more Americans to die. Or why he wants many more 9/11s. When some of the 9/11 victims’ families were asked whether they wanted him put to death, their responses were either demanding vengeance (death sentence) or punishment (life sentence). The latter bunch were the most amusing because they wanted Musawi to spend years in jail thinking about all those innocent people that were killed.

Oh man, I’m sure Musawi’s just going to cry a river about that one. Maybe one day, yes, he’ll wake up and realize that violence begets violence and that what he’s been involved in is bad. But, uh, I wouldn’t count on it. More likely, he sees a vision for Islam and sees those who stand in his way. An Al-Qaeda member sees Americans as accessories to their government’s policy. They see it as the last pillar of Islam, the responsibility of carrying out jihad. They see the Americans as having humiliated Islam, subjugating and exploiting Muslims and Arabs, deserving vengeance from a righteous hand.

Why would they care about a few Americans dying when millions of Arabs and Muslims live subserviently under the hand of the American despots/infidels/dictators/imperialists?

Al-Qaeda appealed for Americans to not vote for Bush, which of course was seen as evidence that voting for Bush was the right thing to do. But the important thing behind Al-Qaeda’s words was that they were establishing link between the government and the people, demonstrating that both have the same views. Perhaps only a theoretical idea but it serves to add legitimacy to jihad.

In Musawi’s words, to be put to death is not a guarantee of becoming a martyr (wait, wait, sorry, I meant shaheed…you know, because that’s what the informed journalists are using!!!) but it does allow one to go to Heaven.

You know, if you ask me, this is just another example of the U.S. getting itself into a lose-lose situation. I mean, what was Musawi charged with exactly? I’m not saying he’s innocent but he sounds like he’s the scapegoat for 9/11, something he’s relishing in court. So we kill the guy (after a lengthy time in jail). It isn’t really going to help us too much either diplomatically or with our own conscience. The only plus side (and really the only thing I support the death penalty for) is that we’ll know he’s no longer on this earth. What’s the point of imprisonment? He’s not going to reform. The experience would only confirm his beliefs.

I think the idea of prison reform is a fucking mess. Almost all the major terrorist leaders spent time in jail. It was during that time that they became hardline born-again religious fanatics. Their cells confirmed their rejection of society. Almost all of the major terrorist leaders group together their prisonmates who they also converted while in prison. These people become their most fiercely loyal cohorts.

In Iraq, Abu Ghraib had become a place where inmates went to be safe (well after the photos came out, I mean), well-taken care of because of American detention rules. When they were released, they’d gone through their rites of passage. They were hardened. It was a training camp.

The same shit happens in the U.S. but that’s for another entry I guess. The prevalence of gangs and drugs and extremism in the prison system, with little effect on reform, does little for the argument of life sentences.

Musawi is a lose-lose for the U.S. and everyone knows it. He certainly enjoys it. What are we going to do? Maybe we should just release the fucker. Seriously. We’re not going to win the war on terror by just eliminating each and every extremist combatant. In fact Iraq has spiralled into a massive training ground and the terrorist community, which used to be rather small even before 9/11 is now a pan-Arab ideological movement. We’ve compounded our problems and there’s no way out now.

It makes me sad. When will the U.S. start making rational risk analysis decisions? When will it get its head out of its myopic foreign policy mindset and look at the bigger picture?

Defense Money

Money is drying up in Iraq. I bet contracting jobs are becoming less available, the massive salaries contracting. You should expect to see the number of deployed soldiers begin to fall off next year. The official report will be that responsibility has been turned over to the Iraqis in more and more areas of Iraq.

Where is all that defense money going to go for research and manufacturing? Where do you think? Instead of using our troops for defense, we’re going to tell the Iraqis that they need to step up and defend themselves. And hey, in order to do that, they’re (and by they’re I mean the U.S.) will need to pony up a shitload of money in order to buy weapons.

We’re going to flood the Middle East (even more) with our weapons and vehicles. We’re going to open (even more) military training schools and consultancies. We’ll book it as healthy trade with Arab nations. We’ll talk about how much we support their efforts to get back on their democratic feet. They’re going to replace all those AK’s with M-16s, those Datsun pickups with HMMWVs. Helicopters, jets. C-130s, C-17s. Gold mine!