Random: China, Hank, My Job

I want to go to China.

So it’s midnight and I was checking out Flickr and I came across this one person’s photos I’d marked a little while ago to look at later. I guess this guy is Canadian and went to China for a vacation. Well, he had a very good camera and took a lot of photos that fucking blew my mind.

Go look at them.

I’m reading China, Inc. right now so I’m a little China-obsessed right now. One thing that struck me in these photos is how optimistic and happy people looked. Obviously it’s not all like that, especially outside of the famous cities, but at the very least you could say that the cities are optimistic, and the country is bustling with dynamo and activity.

Hank Paulson takes over.

John Snow resigned as Treasury Secretary and Hank Paulson took over. Now, Snow is a Kenyon alumni but he really did have weak credentials for the job. He seemed like a pretty weak guy, someone who will tow the line for you. He continued the legacy of pumping liquidity into the market by printing more and more money and trumpeting up the economy.

I think I speak for a lot of people on Wall Street who are happy to get someone with bigtime experience in Hank Paulson, who’s been with Goldman Sachs pretty much from the beginning and has run it for many years. He’s apparently pretty big on environmental responsibility, and has traveled to China quite frequently.

I think this guy might be the first guy who has a clue since Robert Rubin had the job. It remains to be seen whether he’ll regret the call to duty after he has to put up with getting kicked about by the media and by critics. Hopefully he won’t deserve the attention!

Staying Here

Well, it looks like I’ll be staying in my unit! And going back to my job! I got in trouble while I was in Iraq and I was told I’d be kicked out. But nope, I’m still here! Yahoo! Can’t give many details now.