QotD: June 2nd, 2006 (Growth Fetish week)

From “Growth Fetish”, by Clive Hamilton:

“Born in the middle classes, the standard-bearers of the counter-culture returned with a vengeance in the shape of “bourgeois bohemians”, or bobos — switched-on share traders, professionals, journalists and executives in e-businesses. Bobos see no inconsistency between trading shares and sporting a ponytail. They feel they are making a personal statement by drinking coffeee at a cafe decked out in ‘Third World chic’, unconscious of the fact that the manufactured style is alien to both rich and poor in the Third World. They support the oppressed of the Third World, but only so long as their support does not impinge on their own lifestyles. The best and most savvy marketers understand the psychology of the counter-culture; they are, after all, products of it. For the counter-culture was never a revolt against capitalism: it was a revolt against the social conservatism that held capitalism back.”