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The DS Lite

Nintendo released its DS Lite handheld on Sunday, and I had to buy one. I have the old DS already, but I wanted a slimmer, cooler-looking DS Lite. It’s white and sleek, like an iPod, not like the clunky plasticky old one. Plus I realized it has a much brighter screen and more tactile buttons. I’m giving the other one to my girlfriend’s daughter so she can get started early on quality gaming from a quality gaming company! The DS Lite has been selling out in Japan and hopefully will catch on in a relative way here. The games open themselves up to traditional non-gamers and I think the size of the unit and the fun in the games will be attractive.

I’ve been playing the New Super Mario Bros game for a while on the DS. The game is great because it returns to SMB1 with all the new enemies from later games, along with all the latest tricks Mario could pull off. The mini-games are an unexpected treat — mole-whacking and herding bob-ombs and shufflepuck are fun on the touchpad.

I remember when I got the Nintendo for Xmas. From that point on, I was addicted. My parents drove me around to find the latest SMB2 or Castlevania 2. My two friends and I ran about two miles to run home when my dad called and told me he picked up Castlevania 2 for me.


I have to take the GRE, or Graduate Record Exam, in order to apply for grad schools. I scheduled it for a couple weeks from now. I’ve taken a few practice exams and am now more technically sound at taking it. I’m still missing about 7 questions per section (out of 30 and 28), and I need to lower that by another 4 or so. I now have the added pressure of my mom saying, “But the GRE is easy, I got 700s!” and when I called Carleton and talked to one of the pre-screeners who told me that my college GPA was low and that I’d need to ace the GRE to rectify that. Yikes! She said that I’d have a chance of slim-to-none of getting in. Ouch? I told her that wasn’t going to stop me from applying!

I hope I do well; I really want to succeed but I think I need to emphasize on my applications how much growth I’ve gone through after college by way of the personal endeavors and self-teaching, as well as joining the Army and going to Iraq.

The Tattoos

I’m about to get a couple tattoos in the next few weeks. One is the word “Eudaimonia” in capitalized Greek letters down the length of my left arm. The other is a tattoo that will take a few trips to complete, spanning from shoulder to shoulder on my back. It has stencil-like images of Alexander the Great (like the one from my front page), Zhuang He, and Saladin.

The guy I went to said the former tattoo would cost $250. It will be pretty big but it seems like that might be a little too expensive. My girlfriend agrees. So I will have to price it at some other places.

The War

Hillary Clinton got booed by a primarily anti-war crowd. That cracks me up. John Kerry came a bit closer to saying the right thing when he admitted he made a mistake voting for the war. He says we have to admit that the war was undertaken on the wrong pretenses. That’s fine, John, but take it one step further. We have to admit that American foreign policy is fucked up. Iraq is just the most visible thing in a long list of fuck-ups that alienate us from the rest of the world. Give me a candidate who will address that and I will pound the table for him.

Bush stopped into Iraq for less than ten hours I guess. When we in the military do that, it’s usually so we can get our re-enlistment bonuses tax-free because we were “in country”. Also, if we spend just one day out of a month in a combat zone, we get the whole month tax-free. Does Bush get a month of tax-free for that?

The Mavs

Stoopid Mavs! They blew Game 3 so now they’re only up 2-1 when they had a big lead in the 4th quarter! I stick by my “Mavs in 5” prediction. I was a little worried because it was looking like a sweep for a while there! Er…right… I don’t care. JUST FUCKING WIN, MAVS!


  1. Eh. by the way, I stand by my critique of the finals that I sent to you, even though Miami surprisingly castrated an entire team in one night. Miami won cuz 1) they switched to a zone (dallas can adjust to that); 2) they played more physical, keeping dirk on his ass (dirk will adjust to that — run him off of double screens, like indie and reggie used to do); 3) Shaq finally showed up; and 4) dwayne wade realized he was a legit 3 point threat and a real finals superstar. That last one could be problematic for the Mavs. Still, I think the Mavs are better offensively and defensively, more disciplined, better conditioned and better coached. And don’t you wanna see if Avery Johnson’s smile will engulf the universe when the mavs win the finals?

  2. Good analysis! I was so disgusted while watching game 4 that I was getting depressed. The Mavs were missing everything, and getting no boards. It seemed like every time I looked at the TV, the Heat had the ball.

    The Mavs need to stop pump-faking. The Heat aren’t buying them. So the Mavs will get a good open look, but then they’ll fake to try to drive, but that just helps the Heat reset their defense.

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