Inefficiencies: T-Shirts

Okay, I know this is a little weird, but maybe it’s a business opportunity or something.

Why aren’t there any good t-shirts for sale anywhere?

Here’s the current environment. You can buy over-the-top, overtly smug, and annoyingly obnoxious shirts from places like Spencers or those tourist stores or Hot Topic. Most people just go to Old Navy or Abercrombie & Fitch and buy different color t-shirts with random messages on them for businesses that don’t exist or silly catch phrases with a swoosh or college property theme.

Online is hardly better. Busted Tees probably has the best shirts — it offers them in different colors (so you don’t just end up with white and black ones) and most of its patterns use stenciling, which look better on a t-shirt than garish multi-colors.

Cafe Press is probably the most well-known. You can put your own design on a t-shirt or some other products. However, it only offers white, black, and pink. PINK? What the fuck. And even if there were more colors of shirts, the designs people put up are HORRIBLE.

For instance, I went looking for two shirts. One was a burnt orange UT Austin t-shirt with a simple small longhorn icon on the top-front. The other was a sort of worn-out shirt with either a tastefully done Airborne tab or Airborne wings on the front or back, but not both. All I found for both were big ugly shirts that you expect some 45-year-old redneck die-hard Confederate fatty to wear. How hard is this??

Do y’all know of any places to get good t-shirts? What I want are clever but subtle designs with different color t-shirts. You’d think there’d be some neat pro-active political/sustainable design/cultural t-shirts somewhere. I wanted one of those Live Green Go Yellow t-shirts and in fact GM sells them (like this one is pretty cool) but let’s face it, Ethanol is at best not even a transition away from carbon. It’s just a way for GM to get a lot of tax credits for making Ethanol cars!

Surely there’s some economical reason these t-shirt companies don’t put designs on colors other than the basic white and black. Probably requires a better machine. The only way the chain stores can do it is because all their shit is made in the Philippines or China or whatever.

Someone with some taste should make an online t-shirt company, seriously! Maybe something to integrate into my business idea?