Uncertain Times Require Paradigm Shifts

I just wanted to start this off by saying I am deeply unhappy with the state of international diplomacy right now. Our war on terror is yielding little benefit, at a high cost. Instead of fighting Al-Qaeda, we are already fighting a proxy war with it. “Better to play away games than home games,” the chickenhawks will say. No attacks since 9/11, they will proudly state. But as I have theorized before, Al-Qaeda gains nothing from attacking the U.S. again right now. It has drawn our military out onto the extremists’ home turf. Not to mention it has attacked multiple other major countries since then, drawing them into a reactionary right-wing foamy-mouthed militaristic mindset also. They haven’t attacked us again, but ask all those other countries that got hit after us how they feel about it. According to Al-Qaeda’s long-term strategy, they are still in the awakening stage, opening Muslims’ eyes worldwide to the call to jihad. They are still recruiting, by shocking more and more countries to their presence.

Israel is supposedly invading Lebanon right now in order to sweep out Hezballah-controlled areas as a result of what could be Hezballah’s response to Hamas capturing an Israeli soldier. Just when the U.S. thought it was going to take over as the new flashpoint in the Middle East, Israel and the Palestine decided to announce, “Fuck that, BITCH!” and set off an entirely new set of skirmishes.

Bush, leader of the free world, blithely responded on Thursday that Israel has the right to defend itself.

Blahblahblah North Korea blahblah Somalia blahblahblahblah Iran. Okay, I know I’m young and pretty inexperienced in world affairs, and that most of this is just a continuation of problems that have long been tense and on the brink of disaster.

But aren’t you getting a bit tired of it all? In the office I turned the news from FOXNews to MSNBC or CNN since most everyone else is on leave right now (they all prefer FOXNews =( ). Are you the same way? Does watching that shit make you anxious and angry for no reason at all? Doesn’t it just make you nervous about everything by the way it presents the news?

By the way, e-mailing Comcastic did the trick for my missing CNBC I guess. They had my CNBC fixed within the morning. They said they were “working hard” to get MSNBC on the air here although that’s political speak for “not going to happen because it’s not our domain”.

But still I watched C-SPAN this morning and their interview show had another good guest on. It was that Ben Cohen dude from Ben and Jerry’s. He was promoting a new flavor of ice cream, “American Pie”, to promote the flavor’s cause: diverting money from maintaining our vast, useless nuclear arms stockpiles into education funding.

He gave an upbeat, well-done interview considering C-SPAN’s callers seem to be those crazy lunatics who politicians try to avoid. Several callers asked him why he wasn’t donating significant portions of the ice cream’s earnings towards education funding. He responded that the ice cream would do more by generating awareness for the issue and that government funding is the only consistent and monetarily well-backed source for education; ice cream earnings would barely help at all on their own. Fair enough to me but I see the callers’ points.

And the other morning I was watching C-SPAN2 and they had some Green Party meeting for their candidate. The theme there was that any American citizen should be thinking of running for office. That the Democrats no longer represented them.

That was interesting to me because it touches upon my growing understanding of American political disinterest. People feel disenfranchised right now. Politics don’t really affect them, and they can’t really affect politics.

What I’m thinking is that we need a paradigm shift. We need experts and new faces to come in and give the country’s debate a breath of fresh air.

Take for example “Once Upon a Time”, an excellent blog that has recently been concentrating on convincing people not to take fallacious courses of argument when fighting the right…or the left. For instance, one argued that Iraq can only be argued effectively as an immoral war.

Another post argues for ignoring the validity of intelligence and realizing how petty the current discussion all is.

That’s the main thing to me. The debates now are so stupid, so perverse, so useless. Who fucking gives a shit? It always comes back down to the same idiotic comments from the Dems and Republicans. They hold the same grudges, they complain the same ways.

I want to see new people come in. They would say, “We’re not going to argue about this. We’re just going to reset things, return to our founding principles. We’re going to throw out tradition, throw out amendments and revisions to fundamentally useless laws and doctrines. We’re starting over from scratch, introducing ideas that make sense. We don’t care about the politics of it. We’re going to do things that line up with reality. When we decide on something, it will be because the people agreed with it and supported it with full knowledge of its drawbacks. We will not play into the politicians’ stupid games.”

The useless debates distract us from getting things done, like peoples’ petty complaints at your job’s weekly meetings. They also allow the competition to frame things how they want to, in order to discredit you. You end up turning into them eventually if you don’t stick to your priorities.

We require a paradigm shift, an alternate system to replace the new one. I imagine this is taking place somewhat in entrepreneurial business. I drove down to Nashville to watch “An Inconvenient Truth”, Al Gore’s work on studying global warming and promoting policy change. Gore himself left politics to a large degree because he felt that he would not be able to affect change from Congress. That’s kind of sad. The best minds have left politics to either make lots of money for multi-nationals or to promote their pet projects.

They’ve given up on the government. At least in brainstorming and ideation. However these guys are smart and realize they need to eventually convince the government to help pass laws and open funding in order to make things happen.

That’s how the world works right now though. If you want to change the world, business is the answer right now.