Weekend Update


You may know me as Ben of benturner-mothafucking-dotcom. Here is what’s going on with me lately.

Right now I’m most stoked that I put in my leave form to go home to Dallas and that I’ll be meeting my lovely Julieriffic there, where she’ll meet my parents for the first time. Also my parents are trying to buy a house for a good price with lots of acreage outside of Dallas, so we can go visit that too. The photos of it look pretty awesome!

I’m looking forward to some vacation. I think I’ve been in my office more than anyone else has since we got back from Iraq. And I’m the fill-in!

Other big news is that I won’t be deploying since I requested to stay back to go through the Army Career Assistance Program and to work on my grad school applications and interviews.

I wanted to comment on my t-shirt post. My mom sent me a link to swell.com, which sells some neat surfer clothing. Also there’s jinx.com, which sells geek shirts. I like the Original Geeks and pirate ship one which would benefit only by having the Pirate Bay logo instead. I used to shop at ccs.com for skate/snowboard style brands. Not that I like the brands, but their designs are sometimes good.

One more thing about t-shirts. Why do my sleeves always stick out? That’s so freaking annoying. I only have two shirts that fit like a glove like they should. Do you just have to wash these bitches a lot or what? T-shirts if you care about them are the devil to figure out. Now I know why many men just choose breathable button-ups.

I have a beef to pick about current style. Big sunglasses. You know what I’m talking about. All these celebrisluts like Lindsey, Paris, Britney, etc. love to wear them. They cover up half their face. They make even the most oversexposed celebrities look like bloated caricatures of bloated caricatured divas. The only chick I’ve seen in photos who pulls it off is Pamela Anderson, who is still hot.

And oh, if you need more confirmation on why not only big sunglasses suck, but also the “men’s” magazine GQ, look no further than GQ’s response to a man’s query about the topic.

The Middle East situation is too sad for me to talk about. But it does seem as though no one is opposed to it escalating further. Sigh.

My buddy got back from a multi-month-long school yesterday so today we went to a burger joint out near downtown. I was starving so the bacon cheeseburger was good. Then we went and watched Me, You, and Dupree. It’s has some fucking great moments of humor. I think the final quarter of it saved it from being worse. Kate Hudson was super hot. And Michael Douglas was Gekkoriffic.

It’s good that my friend is back. Our other friend is still in ranger school. He’s gonna make it, I know it.

The barracks here just got silly. We have new leadership and said leadership is big Army so he’s going to come down hard on things. Usually we don’t have barracks inspections but I gather those times are changing. It might be time to move in to my friend’s apartment when he deploys.

Also, a lot of people I knew from the past are getting in touch with me again. I can get behind that \m/ It’s good when past connections re-emerge to say hi!