So right now I’m on leave back home in Dallas. My sweet girlfriend is set to arrive on Monday. She’ll spend a little less than a week here, so I can show her where I grew up and catch up on months of time apart from each other. I predict lots of kissing. It’s going to be awesome: my parents are about to close on a house, built on some land out in the middle of Texas country, so we will probably go picnic there. We will go see some restaurants and the famous Neiman Marcus department store. Maybe see Austin. Definitely see some of the cowboy shit they have in downtown Dallas. I am stoked!

This MacBook is badass. It’s easy to whip out and begin working on something, because it’s so small and has a bright screen even without being plugged in. The only problem is that airports are still so backwards when it comes to wifi. Nashville International Airport requires that you spend $7.95 in order to get access. I couldn’t get access in Houston International either, even though they advertised it. It could’ve been that I was in the outwardmost terminal. Once I got home, I just pulled out my MacBook (much lighter than my old one) and connected to our home wifi immediately. Since I keep my FireFox settings identical throughout my three computers, including remote desktop access back to my storage drives back in Tennessee, I am fully connected. I remember dreaming about this shit back in 1995.


My buddy is coming home from Iraq shortly. I’m pretty excited about that. I’m glad he’s okay and I think he found out more about himself while he was out there. He found new direction and motivation, I believe. And since he’s been there, we’ve shared a lot of cool ideas which may shape the rest of our lives and careers. We’ll see how it all plays out!

That combined with my not deploying is all good news.

I still have plenty of friends over there, including my friends here who will be going. So it’s just continual rotations of friends there. I hope good fortune continues to smile upon them.

Coming Soon

I’m not divulging any secrets about what Julie will get to do while she’s here, so don’t bother asking.

My dad and I are seeing the Rangers and Royals tomorrow night. I love seeing the fresh green grass and the soft infield and pitcher’s mound. We have tickets along the third base line, in the second section up. Not great, but reasonable prices considering.

I’m impatiently waiting for the release of Outkast’s next album, Idlewild. I’ve listened to two songs off the advance and they’re hot hot hot. I think quite a few songs off their last album never got as much play as they should’ve…seriously the two-disc album was one of the best ever in music.

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  1. Dude, that’s great and all, but she knows Jack White! hellooo!!! She stage manages his wife, Karen, in The Citizen’s Band. She said if I visit her in NY, she could probably introduce me. A woman who offers to introduce me to Jack White? She may have the privilege of bearing the MonkeyPope’s little furry children.

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