Announcing Wuntsah, and Other Cool Shit


Okay so I know that it’s a pretty rag-tag project but I don’t really care. I’ll work on it gradually.

Wuntsah… is an idea I had after seeing a cool exhibit in Fort Worth about photography and ageing. By taking periodic photos of yourself (close-ups preferably), you can see how you’ve grown older over time.

Obviously it is a long-term project that won’t reap benefits for a while. That’s why the key part for me right now is the idea of the thing. If a lot of people start thinking about photographing themselves while they’re younger, for posterity, then it will give them a frame of reference for how they want to track their ageing visually.

By extension, I wanted Wuntsah… to also encourage tracking progression by way of experiences and developments of tastes.

So go check it out at!

There’s a lot to be fixed. The purple demo sucks. I know. Mainly I’m hoping people will just take the idea and run with it, but the demoes provide a little inspiration.

I’m working with a friend and we might try to implement a Wuntsah hosting site, where people can plug in their info into ready-made Wuntsahs using fancy web magic.

So what do you think? Let me know! If you make a Wuntsah, then I can use it to help promote the idea, and you’ll get linkage!

So far, only my dearest Julie has started Wuntsah-ing. Get to it, troops!

Kinky Friedman

I got my Kinky Friedman t-shirt today. It fits really good. The checker at the supermarket laughed and said she liked it. I don’t know if she knew who he was or not!

Kinky Friedman


Still working on it…

Tattoo in Progress

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