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Perpetual War

Just in case you still had hope: Israel will not be stopping its invasion of Lebanon any time soon. It will escalate its attacks just like every conventional force attempts to stop a guerrilla movement.

Also, the US will not be stopping its escalation in Iraq any time soon either. With extra troops being sent to Baghdad, there is no exit. The conditions are not just going to stop getting worse, even if we had a platoon of soldiers at every intersection in Ramadi and Baghdad.

So get it out of your mind that these are just temporary incursions. As long as the same thinking persists, we will need to send in more troops to chase guerrillas who will have more targets and more support or more non-U.S. compliance from the local populations.

The people in charge are obsessed with waging conventional war. It’s all they know.

Lamont Beats Lieberman

I’m glad the slimy Joe Lieberman lost. He has always been a phony. It’s not that he doesn’t vote Democratic (his positions, from Wikipedia), but that he just thinks too traditionally. He is a beltway politician. He’s entrenched.

And it’s not that Lamont is so great. Lamont’s positions on issues are pretty vague. There is no intelligent follow-through on his ideas. But he took a stand on Iraq and that differentiated him as an iconoclast or something.

I think I saw him talking to Chris Matthews today and he said the main thing about Bush that he does well is that you know where he stands. Which is true about Bush, and probably about Lamont also.

The buzz is that Lieberman is going independent and hopefully the Dems will keep up the good work and drop him on his ass. Of course Tony Snow speaking on behalf of the White House claimed, “I think instead it’s a defining moment for the Democratic Party whose national leaders now have made it clear that if you disagree with the extreme left in their party, they’re going to come after you.” The right is convinced this is good news because it will split the liberal vote and set up the Democrats as apologists for terrorists, ensuring a Republican election.

Personally, I don’t give a shit. Bi-partisanship with stupid ideas and policies is even more useless than partisanship with stupid ideas and policies. I hope Lieberman loses again as an independent! And I hope Dems realize that pandering to the “middle”, whatever that is, is pathetic.

The Dems are a doomed party with no fresh ideas or voices. But it’s nice to see them kick that jerk out. While MoveOn‘s e-mails annoy me with their bias, it is kind of cool to see the online folks enjoy a breakthrough in their ability to organize.

I was thinking we won’t see real change until 2012 but at this rate, with all the Republicans running as independents or even as Democrats in the mid-terms, maybe it will happen a lot sooner!

Spam Stock Tracker

This site is hot shit. It tracks all the stocks hyped in e-mail spams. Check out all the stocks that are down 100%! That’s fucking awesome right there. And in less than a few months!


Final table of the World Series of Poker coming up on Thursday! Kim and Gold are by far the most active players, but probably now that everyone’s at the final table, their play will begin to open up and we’ll see some massive bluffs and check-raises.