I’m watching the final table, and there are only 5 people left in the 2006 World Series of Poker’s championship event! First place is $12mil! Follow the recaps at Card Player’s WSoP log. Still haven’t seen the sinister play that you see with people like Daniel Negreanu, and Jamie Gold seems to be doing great — his only big hit has been calling an all-in with his AK vs. a K10 with a K on the board. Then a 10 comes out to pair up his opponent’s kicker.

I bring this up not only because I’m sort of aching to play poker again, but also because I’ve seen a little too much Rosewood Std lately. For example, the ESPN World Series of Poker logo (the word “POKER”):

ESPN's World Series of Poker logo

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s a great logo. It has defined the style of the event on TV. But now I’m seeing the font all over the place as designers all scurry to grab it and sneak it into their work. I’m convinced I’ve seen it on an Urban Outfitters design but I can’t find that now. Urban Outfitters’ bags right now (I know this only because Julie loves to shop there!) have a pretty cool ASCII-inspired design going on.

Also, look at Derek Powazek‘s site. He’s monopolized the useage of the Newcastle font. DAMN YOU SIR! He even integrated the symbols into his designs and borders!

Chank's Newcastle font promo

It would just seem cheap to use the font for any other project now!

I’m not a big font person. I mean, I’m interested in having standardized layouts and cool ideas for well-designed fonts. But when it comes to differentiating between one serif font and another, my eyes totally glaze over. They all look the fucking same to me.

However, I DO want to learn more about the basic optic responses to fonts (serifs being much easier to read in long bodies of text, while sans serifs being better for logos and titles) and how that can be integrated into design, but really some people totally obsess over fonts way too much.

Seen any other cool fonts lately? I rather like the fonts used in the signage in a town near where my parents just bought their new house in Granbury, TX.

Picture 1350