Getting in the Right Mind-Set

Well we got a four-day weekend here, which was perfect because I took leave last week and it’s always good to get some post-leave vacation to get back in the swing of things.

I’ve taken to trying to get in good shape again. Ever since I got back from Iraq, my motivation to work out had been just above 0. I figure it was probably because I was stuck in job purgatory. But now that I’m working towards the future again, I’ve started trying to run every day and work out at the gym more regularly.

I need to start extending my runs a bit more. I generally tend to do only 2-3 miles with sprints/Iron Mikes worked in. I should push that up to 5 miles. I’d rather be a runner-type than a muscle-type, as it seems ridiculous to me to see all these muscle-bound Army types slumbering around in the gym every day, doing sets to get even more huge in between shots of protein drinks. None of them can run.

I’d rather be lean. So far it seems that unless I work out a lot more and/or cut my diet in half, my body type won’t change too much. I don’t fluctuate a lot in body weight, and lifting weights or not working out doesn’t seem to affect much except my perception and my confidence, which in themselves can be pretty important.

I’m going to be in charge of a couple guys while our unit is deployed, which is the first time I’ll have been directly responsible for people since I’ve been in the Army. One of them I don’t know too well, but the other is a pretty cool guy who’s very pro-active, a major plus.

I took him to this store that specializes in running equipment, because he complained that he was having lower calf pain when he ran. The store is pretty cool and the woman who was working there is pretty knowledgeable. She had us both run on a treadmill to see how we run. He ran neutral, while I apparently am a supinator. That is, I tend to run on the outside parts of my feet exclusively. She got him a good pair of running shoes which hopefully will be good for him. I tried on a pair of light running shoes, some ASICS that weigh only 10.5oz. Right now I wear a New Balance trail shoe that would weight considerably more. Not that weight makes too much of a difference at my level.

I might go back and get them, including some running shirts made out of some space-age material that wicks away water so well that water gets fucking frightened. That’s right. FRIGHTENED, SON!

After that we went to Backyard Burger, some high-class burger chain that I love going to because they have, at the FOUNTAIN, this deeeelicious light Sobe cranberry/grapefruit drink that has some real punch to it. The burgers and seasoned fries are delicious too.

Then I went home, napped (Julie thinks I just nap continuously like a cat), and then worked on my super secret personal project until the wee hours of the morning. Plus I’m hooked on Zelda: The Minish Cap for GameBoy Advance. And now that I have my PS2 back I can re-play Katamari Damacy, which was my pastime in Baghdad for a little bit.