(More) Dangerously!

Mmmmm, I’d missed Julie.

The next day, Julie and I got up early and went home to grab some breakfast. Then we went on the Ben tour, where Julie got to see all the exciting (probably boring) sites of my childhood. I took her to all my schools, which I hadn’t seen in years. They’d all added extensions but otherwise looked like the same old antiseptic places. I tried to find Plano East Senior High but got a little lost. As a result, Julie got to see some ranch houses, pastures with horses, and even Southfork Ranch (where the TV series Dallas was filmed), which we happened upon. So it worked out. I got to see the old tennis courts at PESH where I used to practice as the worst player on the team, and also saw some of the new upperclassmen walking around campus for orientation.

I’d like to be a teacher at some point in my life but seeing some of those dopey kids made me pretty angry. =P

Then I took Julie to Chipotle, one of my food Meccas that doesn’t exist except for the southwest to west coast. Soooo good, that steak fajita burrito with corn salsa, when all the stuff mixes together with the rice and sour cream and seasoned steak strips. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. In the parking lot, I realized we were being tailed, and after pulling a J-turn in a narrow alleyway, we eluded our followers and I sped our Mini Cooper off a roof and onto the freeway. After that I showed Julie one of the fancy malls in Plano, which also allowed me to show her the extravagance of one of the fastest growing areas in the nation.

Our day concluded with a trip to the Silver Fox, a fancy new steakhouse right by my house. It had a big open room with rich, dark colored walls and dark lighting. My steak was fantastic as were its sides of greens and mashed potatoes. Just a delicious meal. And I got to sit next to my beautiful girlfriend. The maitre d’ gave us some complimentary Irish cream liquor as a dessert drink. Creamy and deliciousy. Living up to my nickname I opted to drink straight gasoline and fire with my bloody steak. And the maitre d’ asked to pay our bill after I roughed him up a bit.

The next day was my dad’s last day in town while Julie was there, so we went down to Glen Rose, TX and Granbury in order to see the new house my parents just closed on. It wasn’t that long a drive. Granbury is awesome. It has a little town square with the courthouse in the middle and a lot of little shops lining the outside of it, including an old-fashioned movie theater and a great furniture store called the Wagon Yard. In it were beautiful rooms just chock full of Texas-style wooden/worn-down/rusty tin things. I liked the display of the lasso, chaps, and spurs on the wall. Plus all the clocks on the walls, and the room of rockers and mirrors.

We ate lunch at a throwback 50’s-era rock’n’roll parlor. It had the little music boxes and records of early rock’n’roll legends. Checkerboard motif. I got a chocolate malt and kisses from Julie. Of course we ate burgers.

We stumbled into a store looking for furniture-type things for my parents’ new house. But the woman working in that store keyed Julie in on some jewelry created by a local artist. She showed her a stone that had multiple colors on it. The colors would seem to change their hue in different light. The stone was rather big as a necklace so it came with a silver band-ish necklace that supported the weight. My parents bought it for Julie and everyone knew it looked beautiful on her.

Shortly thereafter, and for the rest of Julie’s stay, she received compliments on the stone from just about everyone we ran into. There was only one person who didn’t mention it, and that was because she complimented Julie on her red/silver Swatch watch. I was like, “What about me? Why isn’t anyone complimenting her on her boyfriend??” I mean, I am Victor Benjamin Dangerously Turner, after all!

After all that, we drove up to the house, which is hidden behind a berm and on the far side of a large empty expanse of chaparrel grass. It’s a new development and supposedly several people are buying up multiple tracts of land at once. So it won’t be crowded with people. My parents bought two acres so we have plenty of space in between us and others. There’s a stream behind the house with little waterfalls that you can hear from the house. The house looks great inside and will be even better once it gets furniture.

I insisted that my dad built a patio all around the house to provide some cover from the heat. For some reason, he still doesn’t agree. Meanwhile, we sweated our asses off while touring the outside of the house. The people who came to see us about the house (realtor, owner) seemed like decent guys, and I’m pretty skeptical of businessman strangers. I like how 5 years of free golf membership is a selling point despite none of us being golfers!

Next we went into Glen Rose and checked out the town square. We got iced drinks. The logo of the town includes a dinosaur because apparently there’s a lot of dinosaur fossils in the area. There’s a historic preservation of an old post office cabin built from small logs there. I think I owned a GI Joe toy headquarters that was bigger than that thing.

I took lots of pictures of Julie’s awesome butt and of her trying to break into our house during the whole day and was blissfully happy to be there with her, despite the smothering heat!

I ended up driving back home for everyone since my dad wanted to nap. It wasn’t long before everyone in the car was asleep, including me. I took the wrong turn to get back home but only because of my dad’s instructions. Also, I slept the whole way too. It comes with the job description of being a special forces support soldier. We’re trained to do that. It’s like that scene in National Lampoon’s Vacation.

My dad made my favorite dish using his own recipe for pesto pasta. There is no equal to it, anywhere. Other pesto recipes are made using primarily herbs, while my dad puts in a lot of butter and pine nuts, so it ends up being a lot thicker and butteryer than that shit you buy in the grocery store. I requested KFC fried chicken as well but backed off when I saw everyone elses’ horrified faces. They still relented though. Julie and I got some Jamba Juice at the local Whole Foods Market when my dad stopped to buy ingredients for dinner.

It was a delicious dinner. Ahh, ecstasy. Now Julie knows what I mean when I talk about the perfect meal. She even had a KFC biscuit, which she’d heard so much about.

Later that night, we snuck out to drive around SMU’s campus looking for a place that was open. We ended up going to the stupid Denny’s instead for some dessert.

On Thursday morning, we got up at a late hour. First we went out and stopped at Urban Outfitters. Julie found some shirts she liked. I mainly looked at the books they sell there, which are anti-establishment books about graffiti and anti-consumerism which are…er…being sold in Urban Outfitters. Kinda funny that.

Then I took Julie downtown to look at the West End historical district and to walk around the city a bit. First we stopped into TGIF and had some spinach dip with red and white corn chips, plus some pot stickers and mojitos. It was actually pretty good although I think what summed up this experience the most was watching the prime ribs from not one, but two plates, slide off and land on the floor from a rattled waitress. Also, a guy outside selling flowers had Julie and I kiss (pretty sexily I must add, as Julie did not hesitate one bit).

I showed her where JFK was shot and a helpful guy selling newspapers covering the assassination pointed us to all the key spots, like where Oswald supposedly was, where the conspiracy theorists said Oswald actually was (outside a building, according to a photograph), and possible lines of sight for up to three assassins on that fateful day. He was very helpful and informative. Julie correctly surmised that the two X’s taped onto the road were where the bullets struck JFK. Personally I believe that Oswald was the lone gunman — JFK suffered a shot to vertebrae which caused his arms to jerk upwards, catching the exit trajectory of the bullet. Also, Oswald was a lonely, vengeful freak against humanity.

But still, the theories are interesting!

Julie I think enjoyed this little bit of Dallas/Americana a lot. I showed her the building I inprocessed into the Army from. We saw some sculptures and public art and noted how no one really walked around in downtown Dallas.

After that we returned home and, since my dad was gone, decided to go to a new shopping area in Plano where the Angelica film theater is. It shows all the indie films that you can’t find anywhere else. We ate at a place called Naan, which served Asian food. I had beef teriyaki and Julie and my mom had fish. I had mojitos (I love them so…) also. It was nice to eat with my mom and Julie at the same time. It felt very comfortable and I was glad to see them getting along so well. Julie looked radiant over the candlelight.

After that, we came back and headed back out to go to this hookah bar/gelato store owned by a southern Lebanese guy. I like the place because they offer a lot of flavors of gelato, and they let you sit outside in their patio (right in downtown Richardson, in a blossoming Arab community) and smoke a hookah. So Julie and I kicked back while I read a copy of the Beirut Times, a paper distributed for Arab-Americans in the U.S. Funnily enough, the paper was full of ads trying to recruit translators and native speakers for private consultant work (at $150k-200k!) and even for the U.S. Army. Very active marketing there.

The owner was closing up shop and came out with some Turkish coffee from which he gave us some that he had extra. A very nice offer. I talked to one of the waitresses in Arabic which she was startled to hear. Julie and I fumbled around with the hookah but got it working and took turns smoking apple tobacco in the hot Dallas night. A generous end to a good evening.

At this point I should mention that Julie seemed to think Radar, our chihuahua, is cute, even if she calls him a rat dog. Also, he would jump on my bed (which is like three times his height!) when I’d be sitting on it using my MacBook. Julie and I took Radar and Petey for a walk late one night. It was nice — humid, but quiet, and a nice setting for ambling chats.