Long Week

So now I’m sort of in charge of my shop, with two soldiers who are now my responsibility. With events around the unit I’ve been pretty busy working late. Last night I had guard shift on some stuff until midnight and then couldn’t sleep all night for various reasons. Then I spent all day today outside in the sun with no shade or cover while waiting to get on a plane and do an airborne jump. Before it could get to me, after about six hours of waiting, the plane’s ramp broke and so it was cancelled.

So now I’m delirious, have a farmer’s tan, need sleep, and haven’t had time to do anything else. Hopefully this weekend I can finish the tale of Julie and I in Dallas. Also, I’ll hope to answer e-mail then!

By the way, it’s no longer 24-hour BREAKING NEWS banners at CNN now that there’s a cease-fire in Lebanon. Israel must’ve secretly recovered its kidnapped soldiers, since it said it wouldn’t stop this simple rescue campaign (of weeks of destruction) until it found the missing people!