Google's New Services

Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock. I’m not sure what the vencap people are saying about the deal but in user terms, it’s a great addition because YouTube has sort of become the standard for online video. I mean, people don’t have issues playing YouTube movies like they do with other sites that don’t work in FireFox or without plug-ins or codecs or long install delays. I don’t think YouTube has fully exploited its favoriting of movies and connecting peoples’ viewing habits in a socially useful way but they are getting there. YouTube works and you come to expect that you will find a video on there.

I love that Google now has Writely (renamed to Docs) and Spreadsheets available in links at the top of Gmail. It’s so easy now to click on Docs and go into my résumé and tweak it the way I want to. The best part is it lets me export into a PDF file or Word or text. Docs is fun to use. I can use it from different computers at home or at work. It’s super-convenient. I no longer need Office installed on this computer. With Google Calendar, I’ve replaced Outlook. One thing Google needs to add is a good to-do list app.

I don’t know what it is but it’s so much nicer to me to use web apps than to use software. I guess it’s because I enjoy small footprints out of software, and I like the simplified, non-bloated interfaces.

And the search history is still kind of interesting to look at for some reason. I have 4,687 searches in my history right now!

My hat’s off. Google is quietly replacing the need for desktop software!