Frenchie in Nashville

So my super-hot girlfriend Julie posted about our weekend in Nashville/Ft. Campbell together already (part two here) and so she covered the main events really well. Julie came to visit on Veteran’s Day weekend/Canadian Thanksgiving for a few days. I wanted her to come see how I live before I leave the Army and probably won’t come back here for the rest of my life.

I wanted her to see Nashville because I think it is a delightful city that is just big enough to attract big events and have a symphony and a major university (Vanderbilt) with the Grand Ole Opry, yet it’s small enough that it has a vibrant arts and music community.

And I wanted Julie to see the base, and where I live in the barracks. She also got to see my office and the parade field where we have planted trees for each one of the soldiers from our unit who have died while on deployment.

In a strange twist of fate, she even got to meet our rear detachment commander at Starbucks. He’s a real good guy to work for and I hope to see him get his stars eventually.

Instead of rehashing what we did, then, I want to just cover some of the details that made the time I spent with my baby so memorable.

There was the cashiere at the grocery store who just HAPPENED to be from the north, so when I asked her if it was BRISK outside, she agreed with Julie in saying that it wasn’t! What are the freaking chances that the person I ask in NASHVILLE is a yankee from Minnesota?

There was the front desk guy at the hotel who made this old snobby rich guy get out of line for cutting in front of us when we came back after he gave us a twin-bed room. There certainly is no twin-bedding when Julie’s with me.

There was Julie apologizing ever so sweetly and charmingly while mostly asleep when she had to take a nap in the evening after a long day of traveling and picnicking. I completely sympathized!

There was Julie not wanting to put her boots on so she walked outside barefoot with me to smoke outside the hotel. Then she wanted to sit on the shoeshine chair and ask for a shine!

There was the mad rush to do everything before check-out time!

There was the tense moments watching Jesus Camp which was a really scary movie. Also, the craziness of Tennessee Vols fans watching their game at the bar. The expression on Julie’s face as she tried to finish an Irish Car Bomb, in which the Irish cream had solidified. There was sitting outside the hotel, talking after dinner about our future.

There were lots of beautiful Julie smiles. And me getting to watch her admiringly from a distance at the mall while she found a belt to put on right outside the store after buying it!

There was the nervous feeling Julie had when she was on the base — even though no one would want to hurt or scare her there. Yeah, the military is weird I guess, but not anymore to me.

There was the noise Julie made once she saw my barracks room, like a kind of surprised but let-down “oh”. =P Just kidding. I was kind of embarrassed looking at my room but I wanted her to see it. There was snuggling next to Julie on a twin-sized bed.

There was guarding Julie while she took a shower in our public bathroom. And getting to watch!

There was the extremely helpful and warm advice Julie gave me in pursuing graduate school as fully as I could. I will always appreciate and remember that.

There was the timeless lunch we had just before Julie caught her flight, in which I got a mojito, we shared some appetizers, and we enjoyed a relaxing meal with only an insistent waiter to distract us.

And finally, there was casually heading to the airport, saying a loving goodbye, and finding out later that had we gotten dessert, we would’ve missed the flight because we misread the departure time! Whew!

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