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Baghdad Fatality

A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine in my unit died in Iraq. His LMTV, which is like a bigass truck with a payload, either collided with another vehicle on an on-ramp and fell off the side, or just fell off on its own somehow due to high speed. The back of the truck split apart from the cab, and my friend, who was in the cab’s gunner position, died as a result. The other passengers were seriously wounded.

Read this article about him.

A few months ago, we were both instructors for a basic combat course for new soldiers to the unit. I was in charge of running the M240B training and he helped me out with running it along with the .50 cal. He was a good-natured, willing guy. I think he loved being in the unit.

Making It Worse

My girlfriend found a blog belonging to my ex, in which she writes about her break-up with me a long time ago. The blog was written after November ’05, shortly after we stopped talking altogether, after she became furious with me for posting things about our conversations while I was in Iraq.

It was a blog unknown to me, so it was quite bizarre to read. She says a lot of confusing things, a lot of unfortunate things. She bashes my girlfriend pretty unfairly.

I won’t post the link here.

She made a follow-up post in July. I can’t tell if she wants me to pay attention, or if she’ll ever let this go. The whole thing just sours all the good memories we had.


  1. About the girlfriend — “The whole thing just sours all the good memories we had.” Man, that sounds like whiny old Ben, all refined and shit. But let me tell you something, bud. I know New Ben, Ben 2.0, Bionic Ben, Fortified Ben, Super Tweaking Ben, the motherfuckin’ Bodhisattva Ben, and you wanna know how he do? He does the pooper and that’s all he do, for reals.

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