Today one of our sergeants got promoted to sergeant first class. For his promotion, his platoon did leg lifts and flutter kicks while his boss poured freezing cold water all over him. It was already freezing cold enough with the sleet flurries and biting-cold winds. Brrr!

The Nintendo Wii, which I still don’t have (ultra-sadface), has a pretty badass ad but I haven’t seen it on TV anywhere. Kind of unfortunate. =(


The Wii is debuting in Japan today. The DS Lite is still smoking the shit out of all other gaming systems in Japan, according to the latest numbers. Meanwhile NTDOY stock is doing awesomely! And that means $$$ for me.


If you’re not allowed to give blood if you’ve ever lived in Europe, then where do Europeans get their blood donations from?

Why is WalMart full of fat freaks of nature? And why do people leave their carts in the middle of the aisle and not move it when they see you coming, so they can stare around blankly?

I have less than three months left in the Army. And apparently I’ll get paid $900ish extra for the months I’m on terminal leave back home in Dallas. YAY!

And Julie finished her 50k word/month project! Congratulations baby! She’s totally hoarding it and won’t post it though.