Saddam Hung

This blog post sums up my feelings about Saddam being hung suddenly last weekend.

The first reports were based on a government-issued clip without audio, reporting that he was hung in a calm, professional setting. Then a video was leaked showing the tumult that actually took place.

Referring to Shias, one official says “those who pray for Muhamad and the family of Muhamad have won!” Others triumphantly respond in the Shia chant: “Our God prays for Muhamad and the family of Muhamad.” Others then add the part chanted by supporters of Muqtada al Sadr: “And speed his (the Mahdi’s) return! And damn his enemies! And make his son victorious! Muqtada! Muqtada! Muqtada!”

This is the government that Bush has so much hope in?

Sunni virulence will only increase as a result, as they perceive the execution as American support for a Shi’ite government. Radical Shi’ites believe the US is targetting them with raids into Sadr City and apprehension by American forces of some Iranian guys. A lot of Americans will be like “who cares?”, and the “war on terror” will continue to worsen for us as Al-Qaeda freely releases its messages from further east.

I think the American people and the people of the world would have benefitted from an in-depth interview with Hussein by an experienced historical journalist. I think a lot of answers and explanation died with Hussein, and it probably benefits quite a lot of people that way.