Upgraded WordPress and Changed Template

As you can see, the blog looks different for now. I decided to try upgrading WordPress to the latest version because I liked this theme a lot. Luckily the upgrade process went smoothly and no data was lost. I added some plug-ins like being able to rate posts. Let me know if you have any problems with anything.

I’m also getting smarter on MVC programming design which is difficult for me as a non-programmer. But it will help me build more powerful, scaleable web sites like the one I’m working on for my project. That, by the way, is coming along slowly, and I’ve gotten distracted by redesigning Wuntsah so that I could integrate it into the new project.

You should totally pimp Wuntsah and make your own. It’s a good idea that will catch on in social networking eventually…just remember you saw it here first. =P

I’m just happy that it’s so much easier now that Ajax has matured and now has publically available scripts. Adding new features literally takes minutes now, and that’s far better than the way it used to be. I used to have a massive script just to flip images with each other and now there are well-integrated functions for everything. As a designer that makes me smile.