Phil the groundhog saw his shadow and over an inch of snow fell here in Tennetucky. And evidently on the military news channel, Fort Campbell was listed as being closed. But that didn’t seem to get passed down to everyone and we ended up going to work, even though we got to skip morning formation. I TRIED, PEOPLE!

My day was pretty ho-hum. I went to Hooters with a co-worker — two other guys ended up not making it so that was lame but we hung out and I had the only good food Hooters offers: the melted ham and cheese sandwich.

Later that night I hung out with the people on my hall, drinking some sordid mix of Jaegermeister, Goldschlager, Red Bulls, sodas, and some orange schnops concoction. I was drinking more than everyone else, but I was bigger than most too. The funny thing about getting co-workers drunk is that they tell me all sorts of gossip and rumors and things that they would otherwise not tell — and I get pissed at myself enough for getting drunk that I’m still selective in what I tell others. So to sum up, I know a lot more about certain people than I ever would have thought I would. =P

Eventually I stumbled back to my room, feeling the effects of the liquor finally — I had coped all night pretty good considering I had no dinner.

The next morning I felt like shit but had to get up to take my car in for maintenance. Before I left, I felt that nice taste in my mouth and made it to the toilet before heaving three times. Mmm! There was the ham from yesterday! And gold flecks!

I sat at the dealership reading my Making Globalization Work book (you know it takes some serious skills to read economics while hung over) for an hour and a half before returning to my room and napping to sleep off the rest of it. I didn’t feel like eating for a while.

Today I got my package from the mail room: the complete idiot’s guide to Cooking for Guys. =P Thank you Julie! She knows I’m going to try to take some cooking classes when I move home, and hit up my mom for cooking tips. I also got the Post Secret book from one of the party-goers.

Julie called me in the morning and sang me Happy Birthday. My bro called later. Trish sent me a message on my web site along with e-mailing my final letter of recommendation (I am officially done now!). My parents sent me a vulgar birthday card. I was like, what the fuck! It involved dogs and ball-licking. This coming from my parents!

Just kidding. Thank you Mom and Dad. =P