Reminder About the Soapboxes (and Vids of My Last Jump)

On the right sidebar, in the blogroll section, there’s a link to my soapboxes, which were my regular essays from like 1995 up to 2006. I eventually stopped writing them after I had to take my Iraq journal down. Then I put them back up privately sans the Iraq stuff.

I recommend you check it out… There’s a shitload of old essays to read through. And don’t worry about the chaff, because I managed to code in a rating scheme along with a top essays list of my favorites, so you can read the better stuff available there.

I might eventually make it public again just because I like having all that content there. But I hope at least they’re being put to good use by the few readers I have on the private side here.

Oh, also, I have a couple videos of my last jump as a paratrooper, but they’re private to friends on YouTube. So go there and add me (username: volscio) so you can watch this (1) and this (2).