Recent Goings-On

My sweetie, Julie, sent me a big ol’ afghan blanket (blue, white, and tan) along with lavender teddy bear, heart, and carrying bag (that has a neat little cinching slot) that she crocheted. All this for Valentine’s Day! I wrap myself up in the blanket when I get cold. The blanket’s even big enough to cover me! Thank you darling. =)

I booked my 12-day tour to Australia (similar itinerary here) and I might have procured a place to sleep at a friend’s house in Melbourne, so I could spend some time there seeing the city and meeting him and his soon-to-deliver wife. I’m just hoping that Qantas has some deal with American Airlines to let me buy a flight using miles! I already had to pay for the tour, travel insurance, and an ETA (online visa). It should be fun…off the beaten path, and few amenities!

I wait until probably the end of this month before I hear from the rest of my schools… Shortly after that, I will have to decide where to go and therefore set the course of my school loan debt for the next half a decade at least. I will probably have to take some economics courses locally, providing that I can find some that start at odd times… Other than that I hope to travel to some other places whenever I can — my parents gave me a bunch of their miles for my birthday. I’m thinking Ghana, Nepal, Guatemala, or eastern Europe somewhere. There are plenty of interesting tours out there!

In the meantime, I’m glad I’m still getting paid. =P

P.S.: Don’t you think if you were an officer at Walter Reed, your main priority would simply be to keep the hospital at a high standard of living for troops? And if you couldn’t get what the hospital needed (no budget, people sitting on their hands, etc.), wouldn’t you at least document every attempt so that you wouldn’t be the one getting blamed for mis-management? I mean, that’s a pretty common procedure in the Army…document everything so you don’t get screwed! I would like to see General Kiley’s response to the report to see what he has to say to defend himself. (edit: an interview about this issue at

Of course, if you don’t want things to be documented, you shouldn’t post stupid things like this: fiction blogger Blackfive’s “you go to rehab with the hospital you have, not the one you wish you had” argument.