Columbia (?) and Georgetown (!)

I got some e-mails late today. I wasn’t expecting to hear anything more since it was late on a Friday, but…

“You have been placed on the waiting list for admission to the Fall 2007 Master of International Affairs program at the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs.”

Well, I didn’t get rejected. And pretty much all the people I’ve read who’ve posted online said they were waitlisted too! But anyway: better news…

“Congratulations on your admission to our Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS) Program at Georgetown University. This year the MSFS Program received just under 900 applications for an entering class of approximately ninety students.”

AWESOME!!!!!!! Julie thinks she should get a patience present for putting up with my bitching about not being good enough to get in… Naturally I replied that I still hadn’t heard from Tufts-Fletcher or JHU SAIS yet. =P But this is amazing! And top 10%!

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