The Big D Texas Marathon

I ran my first half-marathon on Sunday. I came in 203rd out of about 1,330 people, 25th in the 25-29 age group. Not bad for my first time! In fact I don’t think I’ve ever run that far. Also, I don’t have a runner’s physique — I look like I should weigh around 175lb but really I weigh 190lb.

Check out the race results!

I found it interesting that men’s run times seemed to get faster after they hit 30 years old. Now in the Army, the physical standards reflect this. As you progress from age 18 to age 35 or so, the maximum repetitions of exercises you need to do actually go up. Run times become more lenient, but generally it appears as though men need to get to their 30’s to reach their physical peak.

Maybe this has something to do also with the fact that most male runners don’t get into it until they’re older, just because they get more serious about their work-outs. Maybe it’s just that men have to wait until they get their maaaaaan-strength as Julie would joke about Brendan’s catch-phrase!

This doesn’t seem to be the same for women — their scores drop as they get older. Although a few significantly older women passed me by near the end of the marathon as I began to slow down a lot. =)

I would like to run a marathon eventually so maybe I will take up a running team at grad school — they all seem to have one, made up of even their small student bodies. I don’t think I could ever do an Ironman triathlon though.