Final Grad School Results

Everyone’s reported now.

  • Georgetown MSFS – Accepted, no funding.
  • UT Austin LBJ Public Affairs – Accepted, $8k/year fellowship.
  • Columbia SIPA – Wait-listed.
  • Tufts’ Fletcher School – Wait-listed.
  • Johns Hopkins SAIS – Rejected.
  • McGill University Poli Sci – Rejected.

I think that this year, SAIS and Fletcher were pretty hot. Everyone was clamoring to get into them. So I think the competition was toughest there. Also the wait-lists for those schools will be pretty difficult for everyone who’s left.

I’m pretty happy that I got into MSFS, and as Julie pointed out, I’ve been rambling on and on about MSFS forever now. =P I e-mailed the admissions director asking if there were any chance of getting funding, since I’d have to foot the $55k/year bill through loans. We’ll see what happens!

I think I got into MSFS because they saw that I’ve already done government service and would flow straight into their foreign service pipeline. Perhaps I will. I think I got into LBJ because they seem to have collected a very diverse group of students from different undergrad backgrounds, to create an interesting mix of people interested in public policy.

My undergrad GPA was pretty bad because I really didn’t pay much attention to schoolwork. I also have almost no academic background in business or political science or economics. So I was competing against the hotshots. Getting wait-listed at Columbia and Fletcher seems a little more appeasing in light of that.

This is what I’m telling myself and I’m sticking to it. =P

Now, before I shuffle off to Australia, I need to mail out my acceptance to Georgetown to let them know I’m coming… I want to ace my courses and study hard — I predict to have a massive improvement in my GPA.

Oh, and before classes begin, I need to take two econ classes, brush up on my Arabic somehow, and fill out loan paperwork. Not to mention the fact I need to find a place to live in DC! It will be madness!

But I’ve also been hoping for this time for a couple years now… I remember studying for my GRE in Iraq, hoping for the best and not knowing what would come. And now I know. Time for even more ambitious hopes and dreams!

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  1. Congrats!!! so you’ll be moving to washington? I havne’t been to the US, but a friend told me recently it was his favourite state (i think because it’s got a lot of history there)…awesome!

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