Mark Cuban

It’s bad enough that the Mavericks lost to the #8 seed, Golden State, in the first round of the playoffs. Okay, Golden State is one of those problematic teams for the Mavs.

It’s also bad enough that there is an eery silence in Dallas right now and probably a general disinterest (or should I say, dread) in watching the rest of the playoffs. It sort of just makes Dallasites sick in their collective stomachs to even think about the game right now.

But after the Mavs lost, you got two days of ripping into the Mavs out of the Dallas Morning News, in each section including the Business section. Dirk is getting slammed by everyone even though this was his typical playoff performance. As if he’s ever been a dominating player.

What bothers me most is that the usually talkative Mark Cuban, Mr. Outspoken and Mr. Dallas Civic Leader, has been completely mute about the subject on his blog. Evidently he doesn’t feel compelled to defend his team or protect it from attacks, or feel like he needs to commune with his fellow grieving fans (he is, after all, a Mavs Fan For Life or MFFL, right?). Maybe he wants Dirk to get torn up in the media but personally I think it’s not a new problem and it’s not going to make Dirk any more clutch in the future.

Cuban lately has just gone on to post more anti-YouTube/Google shit that no one appreciates.

And that’s another aspect. He’s fixated on how Google will fail while he pushes his own useless site. Have you ever heard of IceRocket? He says it’s WAY better than Google. Seriously. He’s so intimate with mass media that it’s more than an objective analysis of Google being sued for allowing copyrighted video to be posted online (which is happening), it’s a bitter rival seeking twisted revenge.

And he made a strangely elitist post recently about how he doesn’t believe anyone should ever wear suits. He says they represent a weak personality and conforming to the status quo. He says they’re not comfortable. He says he stopped wearing suits when he sold and became a multi-quazillionaire. The best reason he gave was that it drains the pockets of workers who could be spending money on other things. I just think it’s odd that a nouveau riche person would tell everyone else that they don’t need or want to wear suits.

He never concedes that a good suit just feels nice. It also might have been a slap in the face to his players and coach, who take great pride in wearing nice suits.

So just keep in mind: Cuban has transcended suits unlike the rest of us plebes.

In terms of being a leader, Mark Cuban has failed us. I don’t know what happened to him because he used to be a shining symbol of Dallas’s recent emergence. But now he seems like just another NBA business owner.

The optimistic Mark Cuban that people loved is gone. Why attack Google and YouTube? People love using them, now moreso than ever. Why intimate selling the Mavs if you’re a Mavs Fan For Life? He has blown his chance to show leadership. It’s no wonder Dallas isn’t taking the loss well. The Mav staff has said nothing since they bowed out early! How can they grieve and forgive?