Random Thoughts

Green China

I was reading this article about China turning to green energy and environmental awareness. What strikes me about this is that there’s no other culture that could so uniformly and quickly and brazenly turn the corner on reducing pollution and energy footprints. China excels at grand, unified macro strategies. Wow. Meanwhile, their stock market keeps booming. It’s a bubble for sure, but China’s going to make many of the United States’ achievements look puny in the coming decades.


Barack said, “The day that this president steps down, the entire world will breathe a sigh of relief.” My god, it brings a genuine smile to my face just dreaming about it. One great part is that I will be in DC during election year and the swearing-in ceremony, hopefully for Obama!


I haven’t shaved my face or gotten a haircut since I left for Australia. I should clean up a bit before Julie comes for next weekend. =))) I guess I’m just reinforcing the stereotype of the guy who gets out of the military and then grows his hair long. But honestly I like the beard!

Riots in Karachi?

The situation seems to be getting worse in Pakistan. Paramilitary can now shoot on sight. Riots have killed quite a few people in Karachi which is generally a tolerant city. Resistance to Musharraf (who has been hemming and hawwing with regards to Al-Qaeda’s leadership) is growing more violent after he dismissed one of the top judges in the country. I see this as a massive problem because terrorist factions in Pakistan have been waiting to bust out for decades now. And Bush is letting this all happen because he’s chummy with Musharraf. Even my brother’s girlfriend, who is Pakistani, seems concerned, and Pakistanis are used to this stuff!