Julie Visits

So like I was saying, Julie visited Dallas this weekend! The first night, Julie was exhausted and hot because she’d gotten stuck on the tarmac at DFW Airport for an hour or so. The thing about the airport here is that it’s super-busy and that the runways are far away from the terminals. You might land early, but then you may get stranded out on the runways waiting for planes to land or take off before crossing. Then you have to taxi for a couple miles to the correct terminal. Then if your plane is early, you have to wait for the parked plane to leave since they run such a tight, busy schedule. Flying into and out of DFW Airport is never easy.

I drove Julie home and we had some delicious chicken my mom made. She tried to decompress and re-hydrate on coffee!

The next morning we went to La Madelaine for brunch and had ciabatta sandwiches along with my quiche. Then Julie wanted to go to the crafts mega-store so I tagged along as she selected some bag handles and free crochet patterns. We got coffee and smoothies after that, before returning home to the house.

My mom had ordered Cooper’s barbecue, which was mailed to us a couple days prior in carefully insulated and cooled packaging from their store nearer to Austin than to us. We got the brisket and it was super-good and tender. We all ate in the dining room before Julie and I left to go to the Mesquite Rodeo. This was pretty bizarre even for me. There were FFA (Future Farmers of America) kids everywhere, as this must have been the thing to do on Mesquite weekends. Light tan Stetson hats everywhere. The opening ceremony included the posting of the colors, featuring high school girls with huge blonde perms storming out on their horses with the US flag and the more important Texas flag. Then all the old cowboy types rode out in their button-ups and big hats.

The events moved quickly. Bull-riding of course is all about the anticipation and the exit of the bull and rider. Because it ends quite quickly after that and then your curiosity is almost piqued as the rodeo clowns corral the bull back beyond the fence. My personal favorite, the mutton-busting, cracked Julie up because I’d explained to her that the young children should be STRAPPED to the scared-shitless sheep so they wouldn’t fall off 0.3 seconds after the gate opened. Why laugh in disbelief at me when I’m just trying to make the sport more interesting?

Two-man events involved roping calves’ hooves and jumping off horses to hogtie calves or wrestle them to the ground. It was pretty impressive. There was also a goat scramble where all the young kids chased goats around the sodded arena. And impressive female riders doing barrel races, capped off with this tall brunette who rode her horse practically airborne the whole time, finishing in under 16 seconds.


Julie bought a dark cowgirl’s hat after the rodeo was over. It really does look good on her and she wore it on several occasions the rest of the time in Dallas. A true cowgirl she will be!

The next morning we met up with my brother and his girlfriend at Cafe Brazil for some brunch. Our girlfriends talked most of the time, bonding well. After that, Julie and I went to Northpark Mall but cut it short upon learning my dad was leaving for the airport early to head to England. We realized we wouldn’t make it home in time. One moment I enjoyed particularly was sitting outside with drinks and jostling with Julie.

We got some smokes and cash at my nearby grocery store and perused the amazing mall around it, with its fascinating H&R Block and dentist.

That night we went with my mom to Trader Vic’s. I really loved the decoration of the place having just been to Fiji. The walls had tapa patterns on them and there was a lot of Polynesian and Asian themed stuff. My mom thought it was too dark in the place. It was pretty dark! We got mojitos at the bar while waiting for our table. The bar was full of shrieking Dallas women gossipping about who knows what. We had food that was fairly ordinary in my opinion (I had duck with mu shu pancakes) and I ordered a Samoan fog cutter for Julie while I had Trader Vic’s grog. The place is most well-known for its many tropical drinks that have funny names, obviously! I enjoyed our meal and the dessert was excellent: fried banana fritter, chocolate creme brulee, and cheesecake.

That evening we talked with my mom and Daniel and his girlfriend until it was time to sleep.

The last day was kind of sad. =( We went to meet Aagje and Christophe in Snider Plaza near SMU. We at at Kuby’s, a German restaurant and food store. We also looked at a yarn store a few blocks down. Mostly I just tried to memorize many of Julie’s expressions and solidify random slices of time together with her in my memory to keep them until I would see her again.

It was a great weekend but far too short. Driving Julie to the airport was funny because I was counter-balancing my mom’s and her desire to get there plenty of time. Searching for a Starbucks to get her something to drink was like pulling teeth! I got Julie there in plenty of time regardless. We kissed goodbye under the big wishbone in the big new shopping terminal at DFW Airport. I watched her go through security without a problem, and waved goodbye as she blew me a kiss and disappeared into the interior.

Later, I found out poor Julie got stuck out IN the plane for an hour and a half because the plane’s signalling gear needed fixing or some shit. So she got into Montreal really late and took a taxi home and had to get up early the next morning for work. Ouch.

But we had a good time, and it was a much-needed weekend to spend with the woman I love. And thanks to my mom for helping set up such a great weekend.