General Petraeus on Grad School

Today for my first class we went to Wal-Mart to study market dominance by looking at the manufacturers for different types of food, like cereal and baking chocolate and beer, in order to demonstrate the principles of oligopoly (which thrives within the Wal-Mart world) and monopolistic competition and so on.

After that I had some time to kill so I went to the bookstore and caught this article by General Petraeus on why he thinks military officers should go to grad school. Petraeus got his MA and PhD from Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson school, one which I should have applied to since it’s said they fully fund all their students!

Anyway, it’s a good article, not least because it puts the smackdown on those bratty junior officers I always had to deal with who were dumb as rocks.

Also, I listened to the Diane Rehm show on NPR while driving. She had on people evaluating the “surge” in Iraq (link to audio), featuring some lieutenant who was calling from the range at Ft. Drum (how hooah is that?) on the pro side and Zbigniew Brzezinski from Johns Hopkins-SAIS on the against side. Fair competition!

Brzezinski seemed to think that senior Republican Senator Lugar’s speech yesterday calling for a reevaluation of Iraq policy in terms of national security was a major turning point that could force Bush to reconsider. It was a very well-stated speech, from an influential senator no less, but it seems optimistic given that Bush has seemingly gone into his bunker until he gets replaced, soldiers dying be damned. Senator Waxman is likely to be the only one who can keep pushing impeachment for Bush and Cheney, and only by continuing to shake out the mountains of evidence continuing to collect on this corrupt administration.