QotD: July 3rd, 2007

From Robert Reich’s “Future of Success”:

“We [Americans] never cease to talk about going. “Go West, young man,” urged Horace Greeley, the editor of the New York Tribune, a century and a half ago. A generation ago, someone with notable ambition was said to have “get-up-and-go” — among the highest of compliments. A “go-getter” is admirable; he or she doesn’t wait for opportunity to knock. Express hesitation about doing an ambitious thing, no matter how rash, and someone is sure to urge you to “go for it.” Not to “go” when the going is good is a sign of moral weakness, a lack of gumption and grit. The characters of Horatio Alger’s popular novels went for it — from rags to riches.”

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  1. You know who Horace Greeley gave that advice to? One of the founders of Grinnell College. OOH SNAP. No really, that’s part of the lore of the college. Kinda gay, I know.

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