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Scooter Libby

At this point I don’t really care about Libby being commuted by the president. The Dems are in histrionics. What was most annoying to me was listening to Hillary Clinton give a shrill, self-righteous speech about how Libby got off and how she won’t allow that sort of cronyism in her administration. Well I should hope not!

I wish the candidates would just write off the rest of Bush’s bunker time in office and lay out a plan for the future to the people. Bush is Bush and the best we can do is move away from him as quickly as possible.

I am more concerned that Karl Rove got his clearance back (OPSEC only applies to junior NCOs like me) and that Dick Armitage wasn’t brought into court. They both were willing to blow Plame’s cover also.


Holy cats, it’s a real gully washer here in Texas! Non-stop rain for WEEKS. I have never seen anything like it! June is supposed to be when the humidity burns off and we stop getting rain until Christmas. But every day…cloudy and overcast and BOOM, flooding in the streets. Today it was so muggy when I left the gym that I felt like I was in a sauna.

Minor League Baseball

For my microeconomics class we went to the Frisco Roughriders ballgame. They’re a minor league affiliate of the Texas Rangers. A couple days before we went to the ballpark in Frisco, a suburban sprawl community with big malls and big houses and little else. We got a tour of the park from the team’s public relations person, a hot chick who apparently used to work at the Cabaret here…heh. Good for greasing palms of corporate clients! We got to see the locker room and VIP lounge.

The ballgame itself started with a rain delay. Minor league games are fun because they’re cheap and you can sit right next to the field and feel like you might actually get a foul ball. Plus there are lots of weird gimmicky events between innings and in general a crazier atmosphere than professional sports, which in Dallas means that rich people who dress up and never make any noise go to the games and bore the hell out of everyone else.

The rain delay was the longest ever but eventually the game got underway. No scoring the whole game. I was sitting next to some Bangladeshis who had never been to a ballgame and I had to tell them that normally baseball games are not like this, but purists prefer this kind of game in the same way that cricket and soccer fans enjoy long slow games also.

In the bottom of the 10th, at 12:30AM, it started raining again and play was never resumed. Craziness!


On Sunday, me and my brother went to SMU to watch basketball for $5. China’s senior national team came to play a friendly against the USA under-19 team. It was fun because there were lots of Chinese fans there and they were super excited to see Chinese players play. Yao Ming did not show up — my brother said he just got married. But Wang Zhizhi, a former Maverick, played a lot of minutes and was just as soft as ever. My brother and I both thought China would probably win but then we realized that the USA team was a championship team who’d been playing together a lot. For being under 19, they were really fit and strong so they’d obviously been training hard and hitting the weights. They were far more athletic than China, especially at the guard positions — the US guards denied any sort of China offensive plays to set themselves up.

Yi Jianlian was there, a huge 19-year-old just drafted (controversially) by the Bucks. The rumor is that his agent wanted him to play where Chinese people actually lived (apparently they don’t flock to Milwaukee). He has really good footwork and smooth moves, but I found his hands to be really bad. The Americans constantly knocked the ball out of his hands, even the guards, on rebounds. In the 4th quarter though, he picked it up and scored quite a few points to finish with 15. Sun Yue, drafted by the Lakers, played guard. I really did not find him that amazing. I don’t know what the big deal is.

Another guy, Zhu Fangyu, I thought really stood out. He is listed as a forward, is pretty big and in good shape, but was matched up against a much smaller and faster guard. Perhaps the mismatch helped him as he was athletic enough to keep up, but managed to score a lot of easy points on offense, finishing with 20 as the top scorer. Why didn’t they draft HIM?

Maybe it’s because China has some weird thing where it doesn’t want to let its players play in the US. Wang Zhizhi returned to China to play after begging the national team to forgive him for leaving. It’s all very strange.

In the end the US whipped China’s ass but China rallied quite a few times before the US poured it on again. China’s zone gave the US lots of problems but the US’s quickness disrupted China too much.

It made me want to go to China even more — those guys are just hitting on all cylinders and you can see the hope for the future radiating out of them…the hope that the American spirit used to have.


I finished my micro and macro economics courses. I got a 99 in micro and probably close to 100 in macro. Woo! I really enjoyed learning about economics but I doubt I’d enjoy higher-level stuff involving calculus and more complicated models. Anyway, time to forward transcripts to Georgetown!