Poker and Summer

World Series of Poker Main Event

Right now they’re playing the WSoP main event at the Rio in Vegas. Like 6,500 players who paid $10k or won a place to play. A smaller draw than last year, probably because the US Congress made online “gambling” illegal and has progressively made it more difficult for Americans to fund their accounts. Poker sites have to argue that poker is a game of skill, and players have to funnel their money through intermediaries. Good job Congress!

I want Daniel Negreanu to get to the final table and right now he’s at like $175k in chips which is okay. A lot of the known players have busted out on the first day — easy to do, I imagine, since there are so many wild players and so many hands being played. Getting to the final 9 out of 6,500 is exhausting, I would imagine, and you need a lot of luck, even if you’re an excellent, tight player.


I have tickets to fly to DC and go with my dad down to my grandma’s house in Charlottesville, VA. We’ll stay there a day and a half and then go back up to DC, where I’ll stay at Georgetown for the housing search weekend. I’m hoping to meet some of my fellow students and check out the row house I’m likely to be living in. The landlord’s being a bit of a dope on the lease, which makes everyone a little nervous at the moment. Hopefully we’ll get it resolved fairly. He keeps shifting the price around.

Then in August I’m going with my parents to NYC and staying at their timeshare in Manhattan. Although I’m thinking of driving to DC with all my stuff, dumping it at the house, which should be under our lease by then, and then going up to NYC, saving the price of another plane ticket. Unfortunately we’ll be in NYC before the US Open begins, so I won’t be able to see any tennis there…

Then on August 23rd is orientation for MSFS, and then the semester begins. I can hardly wait! I hope I have enough money to survive. =P

I applied to about five internships so far for the fall semester. Two have already been filled, unfortunately. Kind of annoying since I doubt anyone else applying has more knowledge than me in the sorts of shit they make internships do…web/office stuff.