It Makes Sense Now

I spent today walking around DC, from Georgetown to the Iwo Jima memorial to Arlington National Cemetary to the Lincoln Memorial, down the Mall to the Capitol. I wanted to see the impeachment protest that was supposed to be there — Cindy Sheehan and 45 others got arrested. It was pretty quiet when I was there — lots of tourists.

And I think i get it. A new theory: President Bush is falling on his sword for the Republican party. By promoting the most inept people to the highest positions in governmental departments, he’s actually hoping the government spectacularly fails.

Then the Republican party can swoop in and say how government only ruins things and makes things worse than privatization can.

Mitt Romney, free-market corporate hero, can go on record as calling Hillary Clinton’s economic plans Marxist.

He dislikes government so much that he’s running for the highest government office in the land.