So I applied to a bunch of places for a paid internship and I got a callback on one! When I was flying out of DC, they called me and asked when I could come in. I said I was just leaving and they were disappointed because they were hoping to interview and start ASAP. They also wanted a full-timer. So we both apologized that it wouldn’t work out and I thought that was that.

Well they called again at the end of the week and we set up a phone interview. In their words, the quality of the résumés they received was not very good, but mine, even though I can only work part-time, had very good web credentials. Turns out the person I talked to is a Georgetown MSFS grad. =P Connections working already!

The organization is called the Global Development Alliance, an extension of USAID aiming to bring public and private interests into the international development process. I found this internship appealing since it’s right up the alley of what I want to get involved in. I want to combine the government’s funding and innovative for-profit technology, and provide a guarantee of rights for businesses and individuals, and build sound policy to produce sustainable improvements in nations that need it. I’d be working on GDA’s communications stuff so I’d have visibility on all the different programs they’re working on, which I like. I’d also get to tweak their site.

The internship is right in the federal area of downtown. Luckily I have a clearance! And the internship would be paid, so I could cover most of my rent!

Woo! Just need to interview in person and hopefully it’ll be a good fit for everyone involved. Quite an opportunity!