Georgetown Notes

There was a big barbecue for everyone on the main lawn today. All the little freshmen are running around campus now. Wide-eyed, bushy-tailed jailbait. Asking lots of questions and generally lost and making for long lines everywhere. Sucks. But the view from the courtyard on top of the Leavey Center in the middle of campus is beautiful. You can see the spires of the southern campus buildings and glimpses of the Potomac below. It really is a gorgeous campus.

So gorgeous in fact that my housemate has nicknamed it Handsome Boy Modeling School, named for the collaborative album by men of the same name. He didn’t know the group but the homeowner’s son named our router that and we glommed onto it. Georgetown is full of a lot of pretty boys (and pretty girls!). I mean, athletic boys with tossy blonde hair driving jeeps and BMWs and wearing pink polo shirts with popped collars. Handsome Boy Modeling School indeed.

We’ve nicknamed Maria Carland, our program’s counselor, M. As in M from James Bond, Dame Jude Dench. My housemate (same one, Paul) told me before I met her that she has a gravitational pull when she’s around and it’s clear that she runs the program. I believe it now! She’s very polite and very quiet, very unassuming and matronly. But it’s clear that she’s wired into every single aspect of the career opportunities in DC. She knows what all her alumni are doing and she probably can pick up a phone and shut off your credit cards and put your name on the no-fly list. She has serious sway around here. And she won’t put up with James Bond’s shitty charm attempts.

The Dean, Robert Gallucci, as I mentioned before, looks like Hugh Hefner. I talked to a friend last night who said he’s just super-attractive, thus confirming this rumor. What a player.

We have a girl in our class who looks like an Indian Kate Winslet. Also one who looks like Christina Applegate. And Maya Rudolph.

I went running north to go to American University and then loop around to the reservoir and the canal but I got lost. It ended up being a super-long run. There’s so many routes, and so many runners, that it’s absurd. I think next time I’ll go to the canal or over to Rosslyn to the Iwo Jima Memorial. Easier to figure out where you are out there. Back up above my neighborhood is where a lot of embassies are. Very woody neighborhoods too, with curvy streets so it’s easy to get lost.

This city is full of serious players.

I tested into second year, second semester Arabic. I’ll probably start out this semester with first semester, second year, to get back on track. University Arabic is far more picky about grammar than the military ever was. It will harden my skills even though I suspect most of the class will be pretty easy.

Classes begin tomorrow. I got my books today — something like 11 books for my globalization class. My econ book is written by Paul Krugman and apparently Cumby is a heavyweight in the finance field. So is Victor Cha, my international relations theory prof.

It feels like I’ve been here for a long time already. I can’t imagine how much I will change as a result of this program.