Best Parts

There’s probably some best-selling party game to be made out of the title “Best Parts”.

The best part of the movie “Before Sunrise”, which I watched recently and realized I didn’t enjoy as much as “Before Sunset” (in fact I think the newer one should be watched first), is at the end, when all you see are the scenes from the places Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy visited the day and night before, now empty, now anonymous, leaving no trace of the romance that had flitted ephemerally there except for the wine glasses and bottle in the park.

The best part of the movie “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”, perhaps the best movie of the year in my opinion, was the camera shot from a car looking up at the light blue sky through a woman’s flowing hair, set to the beginning of U2’s song “Ultraviolet”. The carefree guitaring, a beauty’s hair, and the breezy feel of riding in a convertible. Luxuriant, indulgent, a combination of feelings that make you feel greedy about enjoying life before you die.