Americans Hate Free Trade

Check out these poll numbers

“Do you think the fact that the American economy has become increasingly global is good because it has opened up new markets for American products and resulted in more jobs, or bad because it has subjected American companies and employees to unfair competition and cheap labor?”

In ten years, the number of people who think it’s bad has increased from 48% to 58%.

“In general, do you think that free trade agreements between the United States and foreign countries have helped the United States, have hurt the United States, or have not made much of a difference either way?”

In eight years, the number of people who think it has hurt the US has increased from 30% to 46%.

Sure, that’s not a clear majority of people who are on the wrong side of the fence, but the polls also account for undecideds/don’t knows, which reduces the percentage of those who actually support free trade.

This large erosion of American understanding has happened under a unified Republican government… And during what is generally regarded as continued American economic expansion. What is the disconnect? I’m thinking it’s the increasing wealth distribution disparity in this country.