At the annual MSFS International Student Night last Friday, I was voted Most Sarcastic. Kinda cool. =) I was disappointed with some of the other results. For what it’s worth, the Most Hilarious When Drunk awardee on the women’s side lived up to her name that night.

I’m waiting to hear from the Google Fellowship program to see if I have a job over the summer yet. They said they’d notify by March 1st.

I’m entering the Georgetown University Social Entrepreneurship Competition at the end of the month, required for my class. But it’s helping hone my idea.

I thought I mentioned this but I guess not. I was selected as one of 250 graduate students to attend the Academy of Achievement Summit on the Big Island in Hawai’i over July 4th weekend. Another guy from my program, Rafael (from Madrid), is also going. This will be interesting… =)