Coke Zero

My pre-class ritual is to go buy a plastic bottle of Cherry Coke Zero so I can drink it before and during class. It helps me stay awake and alert. I suffer without it.


Midway through last semester, a couple people asked me why I always brought some to class. After explaining to them that it’s a superior product to Coke, with no sugar or bad sugary aftertaste, and the same amount of caffeine, they got hooked on it too. Now I always see them drinking the Zero too, and they love talking about it.

Then I started seeing at Vital Vittles, the student-run co-op snack store on campus, that the Zero would sell out first of all the drinks. I should also add that Georgetown only has Coca-Cola products. Pepsi has been shut out. What this means is that 1) Georgetown has some exclusivity contract which seems anti-competitive and rent-seeking, and 2) motha fucka can’t get no fuckin’ Mountain Dew.

So what I’m observing is that Zero is a true success story. It is a trend-setter. Read more about it through Wikipedia’s article. There have been a lot of failed products released in the soft drink market. But Zero has established itself. It has gotten to the point now where when Zero is sold out, I really really do not want to buy regular Coke, because of “all that sugar”.

Is this a micro-trend waiting to break out?

One last point: the label for Zero is god-awful.

Look at the typeface. The “zero” is a decreasing font-weight pattern, with the ‘z’ as the heaviest and the ‘o’ as the lightest. The “Vanilla” part looks like some children’s marketing font, and then there’s the red Coca-Cola brand on top of some purple/white/black swirl. There’s a lot going on there. But the varying typefaces and weights look disgusting.


  1. I still don’t understand why people choose to drink aspartame rather than sugar, considering the like, 100 side effects and possible links to serious diseases.


  2. Yes, you can write at length about foreign policy and the stock market, but people will only come out to comment in droves when you start talking about canned drinks.

    I think Coke Zero tastes just like and just as bad as Diet Coke. There’s the same briny aftertaste that makes me unable to finish even a can of it.

    I tried C2, with half the sugar, and it was okay, but then I noticed I started drinking twice as much of it. I’ve managed to acquire a taste for sparkling water now though and have come to terms with being an off-brand Perrier-swilling Yuppie.

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