What I've Been Up To

I haven’t said much lately. The truth is that I’ve been busy, but also there are things I’m not comfortable talking about.

One thing is that Julie and I stopped talking a long time ago. I have nothing to say on the subject. It’s private.

Another thing is that I’m sort of seeing someone else. But that’s private also.

I went to Miami Beach with her over Spring Break and had a great time. Again, private. I will report, however, that we were swimming in the ocean along the hotel’s beach and she pointed out this little Asian boy struggling to stay afloat in the water while his older sister swam behind him. Apparently she wasn’t alarmed, and neither was the mother who was walking along with them as the current dragged the boy up the coast. He started blubbering and going underwater and both me and my friend swam over to him and lifted him out of the water. I carried him to shore, talking to him to keep him calm, and he was obviously out of breath and thanking us. When I got to shore, I put him down. His mother just said thank you as if nothing had happened, and his sister wasn’t upset at all!

My friend and I left the event feeling as though we had saved the poor boy, who would’ve started drowning in just another few seconds, but after that reaction, we sort of wonder if we did anything at all!

I also wheeled this sick black lady from the bus stop near campus to the emergency room at the Georgetown hospital and I talked to her to get her mind off whatever was bothering her. She told me when I wheeled her in that she had “the diseases”. I’m thinking, “Great, now I have it too!”

When I wheeled her to the front desk, the ladies looked at me as if to say, “Who are you and why do you look like a white/Asian convict who just wheeled in this black lady?” I wanted to say, “Now momma, I TOLD you to bring your insurance card!” just to see what would happen.

For Easter break (thank you, Jesuits), I went to Pagosa Springs, Colorado, with a bunch of girls (literally, there were like 8 girls and me and a dad). We went to the slopes of Wolf Creek to ski and snowboard. I just snowboarded. My coccyx hurt a lot. But I actually learned how to snowboard and was doing well by the end. I even snowboarded from the top of the mountain. Fun! I met a hilarious guy with the most ridiculous name: Cross. (the other ski people were named things like Dakota) He would say “GAME ON” every time I told him something. My friend’s parents’ house is gorgeous. Mountain ski lodge type design, custom-built.

I entered my business idea into the university’s social entrepreneurship contest but I didn’t make the first cut. What a fucking joke. I know my idea will be huge. I just need to leverage it and get it going… In my social entrepreneurship class we’re having a bunch of entrepreneurs come in to talk about what they did. Two of them are MSFS alumns, one being the CEO of Agora Partnerships and the other being the founder of Global Integrity.

I will probably spend my summer working hard on my business idea as well as recreationally traveling, since I don’t seem to have much going on in the way of any internship yet. I do, however, get to go to Hawai’i for the Achievement Summit in early July.

Tomorrow night is our Spring Ball and I have a date and a black suit.