One Day of Class Left

Spring Ball was a lot of fun. Everyone was dancing, even the wallflowers! Here’s a photo of me showing up most of the other guys (except for a few well-dressed dapper lads) in my suit, along with my good friend and classmate:


Monday is my last day of class. Granted, I have three classes that day. And most people are already done. The rest of the week is study week. Then comes a murderous week of finals. I have three finals, one being a take-home that’s due after everything else. I have two papers to write, one being due this Monday.

It was a group statistics research paper in which two of my friends and I tried to see which independent variables most affect press freedoms in a country. We suspected GDP per capita and type of state would affect it most, but it turned out that GDP per capita was spurious. Type of state and rule of law highly influenced press freedoms. Also, Muslim countries have considerably less press freedoms. I enjoyed this class and this paper, while most people loathed them. This class was for everyone who’d never done stats before. So that’s probably why so many hated it. I found, however, that it has enriched my understanding and curiosity for uncovering the true causes for why things happen. It has also made me more analytical in my analyses of reports and assertions.

My other paper is a research paper on the differences in next-generation wireless networks in Japan and the US. As it turns out, the US competes on accessibility of service and the price for that, whereas Japan is more expensive but competes on the basis of functionality of the handset.

I have to write my first business plan ever, and I am employing Business Plan Pro in order to do it. It’s forced me to analyze all aspects of my business. I also have to do a 3-minute video pitch promoting my idea. My first rough video pitch was painful to watch in our last class. We all took our turns enduring ourselves. My next one will be more refined. The good part of all this is I will have two actual products to promote my idea with and to show tangible progress towards getting this business off the ground.

I registered the domain for it. It’s at There’s nothing there yet. And please, I’m trying to keep it on the down-low.

Lastly, I don’t have a job lined up for the summer yet. I’ve been rejected by a lot of companies. If worst comes to worst, I’ll stay in DC, pay my lease, and read the mountain of books I need to catch up on, while working out, further working on my business, and perhaps doing some travel whenever feasible. Most of my cohorts are working for the State Dept. in foreign countries. No thanks.

Oh, I should also mention that I ran the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler a few weeks ago, and came in at 1:17:42, under an 8-minute pace. That’s slightly better than my half-marathon pace which I believe was around 8:15. I’m down to about 180lbs and can actually touch the basketball rim now. So I’m much leaner and lighter and stronger now. It’s true what they say about living in an urban-designed community being better for you.

The course was beautiful. We ran through the tidal basin and past all the Washington monuments with all the cherry blossoms out. Only problem was that it was rainy and cold.

I’m almost halfway through graduate school! What a shock! Wish me well on my grades. I need a 3.5 to get some scholarship money from next year. I’m borderline right now.