Dynamic Real-World Data from Devices

With the miniaturization of gadgets that have more connectivity, ambient data collection functions, and multi-tasking, soon individualized data is going to be streaming onto the internet en masse.

Currently there’s very little of it. The Nike iPod+ sends limited information about your running distances. iPhones allow you to actively send data and GPS coordinates. Actually I guess GPS units are leading the way in connectivity.

But soon the cell phone will be able to send all sorts of data about you to the net, without you even having to deal with it.

I think this is one potential source for massive amounts of data streaming onto galapag.us. It’s particularly important because people will not want to enter in too much information online actively. They’ll get tired of it, or bored of it, unless they’re absolute nuts for the service (which I do hope they will be anyway).

So most of what they do in their lives must be done passively. Perhaps if people order food through their cellphones and pay with a credit card/phone hybrid, those transactions can go straight to galapag.us. Perhaps biometrics can be captured somehow. Or some GPS Google Maps + tagged location information to map out your routes.

The point is that we have barely scratched the surface in terms of overlaying digital data onto the real world and in our real lives. Galapag.us will serve as a medium for pushing the real world data into that digital data.

I’m thinking Android will succeed. I think, therefore, that galapag.us needs to be getting started as Android development begins to ramp. Because other people will be adding APIs during this time and will become possible competitors, so it’s important to be involved at this early stage. There isn’t much time.