Twitter is About Personalities

I was in class reading Twitter and I read this post from Tim O’Reilly:

“Retweeting @JamesOReilly: @wendyperrin Yes but but twitter is awfully good for leads–other minds working for you.

It got me thinking about how what I use Twitter for is to track personalities’ random thoughts. I’m a tech guy going to school in DC, so most of the people who do what I want to do live in California. I added a bunch of web people and now follow/stalk their Twitter feeds for what they’re doing.

While you can use Twitter to search for topics (using Summize or typing in a keyword preceded by a pound sign (i.e. #dog), what you really use Twitter for is to follow personalities. At least for now.

So it’s a clustering thing. You go to SF/Silicon Valley because while not everyone will be interested in the same subject you are, they’ll be the same type of people in the same profession. Get a bunch of smart people together and you get NYC for finance, DC for politics, Silicon Valley for tech, etc.